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Unique Places to Stay Around the World




The Cotswolds is one of the gems of the grand English Countryside with outstanding natural beauty and a great deal of homely accommodation. However, nothing beats staying in your very own rustic log cabin complete with hot tub. It is the perfect place to relax away from the bustling city, in a quiet self catering holiday or a weekend break.

All the way from Oxfordshire through Gloucestershire and down towards Bath sprawls a large number of log cabins with exclusive settings; from quiet country side lodge in Stratford to lakeside settings like the  Lake Porchad Lodges in Gloucestershire.

You can enjoy fun activities like swimming, cycling, trekking or sightseeing with full knowledge that you will relax in a warm log cabin some with extra facilities such as hot tubs and private pools. Visit the restaurants and sample the delights of the Cotswolds.


India boasts of a rich culture, broad variety of natural beauty and outstanding architectural beauty. So why not crown your Indian experience by staying in this culturally themed resort and step into a whole new adventure.

The Chokhi Dhani resort has a concept derived from the rich culture of the Rajasthan people: from the creative paintings to the traditional cuisine specially prepared to satisfy every curious culinary desire. Enjoy dishes served on leaf platters in traditional Manuhaar style.

The accommodation is an “out of this world” experience as you will be faced with a challenge to choose from the fifty nine ethnically designed cottages yet tastefully cozy and the luxurious Shekhawati Haveli Suites which define the history and culture from the Shekhawati  region of India. The intricate carvings, heavy mirror work and the artwork of the Shekhawati region are the inspiration for these grand havelis.

You will not only be enjoying a unique stay but also be thrilled by peculiar rides in this resort; you may ride a camel, elephant and bullock cart, or try boating on the tranquil Tal Talaiya Resort Lake with a fantastic waterfall at the end.



The chilling cold weather up the Alps may not be as welcoming as much as the tropical sun drenched beaches, but it is the coziness of staying in some of the world’s most luxurious ski chalets that is most welcoming. It is a place where the whole family can enjoy practicing their skiing skills while anticipating that hot mug of chocolate and rolling fire set in world class facilities.

Gone are the days when French ski chalets consisted mainly of woods, delicate fabrics and reindeer motifs. The Chic Chalet in particular is lavishly decorated in silver, grey, adorned in furs and installed with high-tech gadgets. Flat screens have technically replaced board games and indoor pools bring in a wholenew holiday touch to these luxurious chalets. Whether you are a seasoned skier or a learner or simply looking for adventure in the French Alps you will find something to suit you in the luxurious chalets; just pack a kindle if you plan to snuggle in the cozy chalets.




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A Romantic Surprise

My newly-wed friend recently told me about a surprise her new husband sprung on her, the day before she was due to go away on her honeymoon. Thankfully, my friend is a very organised woman, so the surprise wasn’t too much of a panic, but after she’d been asked to make sure her case was packed early for the honeymoon, she was whisked off to London and surprised with a stay in a luxurious hotel, just minutes from the airport.


It occurred to me that this a fantastic idea for a romantic surprise, and great for a pre-honeymoon  night of rest and relaxation, at an unbeatable price too.

My friend stayed at one of the Stansed Airport hotels and whilst she knew nothing about it prior to going, she’s now hooked on the idea of starting her holidays early – and who can blame her?

A special holiday for just the two of you, really should start in a chilled-out way, otherwise arguments and catty remarks make their way into proceedings, due to that old devil called tiredness. Nobody wants their honeymoon or romantic break ruined by arguments before they’ve even taken off, so it occurred to me that the airport hotel is the perfect antidote to potential rows!

Picture the scene – a romantic meal for two, a few drinks, before retiring upstairs for a relaxing night watching a film, cuddling up, and talking about the fantastic holiday to come. Sounds good, doesn’t it?


Airporthotels.com have a wide range of hotels available at most UK airports, all with facilities to suit a romantic break, and many with wonderful extras available for honeymooners – so be sure to mention it’s your honeymoon, you never know what surprises you might get! Always worth a try, I find.

My friend raves about her airport hotel, so if your arrangements are the same as hers, and you’re flying from Stansted, search hotels Stansted Airport, and you’ll no doubt be as happy with your choice as she was.

If you fancy turning the tables and surprising your loved one, go ahead! What a great surprise, provided you’ve given them enough time to pack, as packing is stressful enough, without a time constraint! Like before, you’ll find something no matter where you’re flying from and if you’re going regional, you won’t miss out, such as this fantastic range of hotels at Luton from Airporthotels.com– so get planning and get surprising!

Wherever you’re planning to go for your romantic break for two, whether its Paris, Prague, Barcelona, Mauritius or even Morocco, your holiday deserves a start to befit the end, so amp up the romance, and surprise your beau with a night’s rest and relaxation prior to jumping on that plane.

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Fixed up Abroad: 5 Countries with the Highest Quality Healthcare

The UK receives a great deal of attention for its universal, tax-funded healthcare system. Through nationwide contributions, the government is able to provide greatly reduced rates for its citizens on procedures ranging from cardiac and pulmonary surgery to tummy tucks and laser eye treatments in manchester. That being said, on a global scale, if you’re looking to travel abroad for an operation, it helps to have options. The UK’s healthcare system is truly fine, but surprisingly, the World Health report has it listed in spot #18. Fortunately for the European traveler, the top five are all in western Europe.

5. MaltaBecause Malta is an island, it already has a tourism-minded attitude. The hospitals have an elegant atmosphere and are staffed with US- and UK-trained specialists. Its small size makes medical facilities easy to access, and it boasts no waiting lines. This also means it doesn’t take long to get to the beach and unwind after the procedure.

4. AndorraThe big perk of visiting Andorra is that it does not require citizens of the USA, Canada, UK/EU and Australia to procure visas for visits up to 3 months. That makes it an excellent place for major surgery requiring longer recovery periods. Also, considering Andorra has the highest life expectancy in the world, you can imagine they’ve got something right.

3. San Marino

Not only does the Most Serene Republic of San Marino have the distinction of being the third smallest country in Europe, but it also has the third best healthcare system in the world. It can be an excellent alternative if you find yourself by the Adriatic coast and have trouble finding a hospital. That being said, you may not need to visit San Marino if you’re already in…

2. Italy

Apart from having one of the best healthcare systems in the world, Italy also may be one of the nicest places to convalesce after your procedure. The Mediterranean climate and relaxed lifestyle (not to mention the food) make this an excellent place to combine healing with fun.

1. France

After centuries of cultural rivalry with the UK, France has pulled ahead in healthcare. Combining public and private healthcare funding, France offers substantially lower prices than much of the rest of Europe, one more reason to smile in this romantic country. They’ll help straighten that smile too, if you want.

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5 of the Best Places to visit in Thailand

Outstanding in both cultural and natural beauty, Thailand is a must visit destination for all travellers. The most popular country in South East Asia, Thailand attracts all walks of visitors, from baby-boomers to party goers and honeymooners to families. When discovering the beauty of Thailand, you’ll find pristine beaches one day, followed by vibrant cities and historical temples the next. If you’re planning your next getaway to the beautiful reaches of Thailand, be sure to check out one, or all, of these not to missed places, and don’t forget to organize your travel with Expedia, to make sure you get the best deals on your hotel accommodations

Grand Palace Bangkok


The capital city of Thailand, Bangkok is a vibrant and bustling city that never seems to sleep. Shopping opportunities in Bangkok seem virtually endless, with street markets and world class shopping malls around every corner. While the city has blended with international cultures and updated ways of life, you can still see the traditional Buddhist culture intertwined with the new, modern Bangkok. Like throughout many other Thai destinations, Bangkok has historical temples that are well worth visiting, when in the city. If you’re planning on travelling around the city centre, your best mode of transport is by sky train.

Ko Samui

Ko Samui is a tropical island paradise, home to untouched beaches and secluded getaways. Travelling around Ko Samui you can experience both ends of the spectrum, having the option to dine at world class restaurants or have a quick bite from street vendors. While many other Thai destinations have become very touristy, areas of Ko Samui remain untouched and unspoilt, offering travellers the chance to experience true Thai culture.

thai outdoor market

Hua Hin

Whilst Thailand may commonly be known as the party destination, for younger travellers, Hua Hin greatly tests this theory. Hua Hin is home to the Royal Family, ever since King Rama VII constructed his monumental Summer Palace on the island in 1922. Families and travellers of the baby-boomer generation are generally fond of Hua Hin, as it provides a relaxed and fun atmosphere, with luxurious resorts and family-friendly activities like water sports and mini-golf.


The party capital of Thailand, Phuket is frequented by younger travellers throughout the year. While the Full Moon New Year’s Eve Festival attracts the biggest crowds, travellers can find an abundance of places to party, year round. Being the largest and most popular island in Thailand, Phuket airfares are affordable, making this destination even more appealing for travellers.

Chiang Mai

If you’re looking for a blend of traditional Thai cultures and trendy new world features, Chiang Mai will be your paradise. Tropical rainforests and rolling mountain ranges surround Chiang Mai, providing a picturesque getaway for travellers. For those planning a trip to Chiang Mai, you must book in for a traditional Thai cooking class; the perfect way to take a little piece of Thailand home with you.

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