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The top 5 rock climbing spots in Wales

Wales is well known for its climbing spots, but as many as there are it’s difficult to decide what areas to head to for the weekend if you’re not from the area or haven’t been before. As far as challengesgo, there are fewer endeavours more rewarding than three days of rock climbing. You can click here to check out Visit Wales’ official page on activity breaks, but we’ve compiled a list of our top 5 climbing spots in Wales to take the hard work out of research – you’ll need all the energy you can muster for taking on those crags!

1. Llanberis Pass

The Llanberis Pass has long been a centre point for climbers of all skill levels and we imagine it will continue for quite some time in this fashion. The crags here are varied in nature and are also incredibly concentrated, so take some time to pick out the right routes for you. Routes include Dinas Cromlech, Cyrn Las and Dinas Mot, among others.

2. Gogarth

The running theme on all of the Gogarth crags is drama. Sheer faces and some unbelievably steep pitches make for exciting routes for more advanced climbers. Gogarth is widely acclaimed as the best cliff in all of Britain, despite the intimidating nature of its walls. A real bonus of this area is the fact that in winter, many of the crags are suntraps, keeping you snug and those fingers nimble.

3. Slate Quarries

Situated above Llanberis, the slate quarries offer an almost out of this world climbing experience. The quarries have been out of operational use since the 1960’s and now, as resourceful as they are, climbers have converted the old mine workings into some astonishing new routes. With new routes being bolted all the time, this place will have you returning over and over.

4. Ogwen Valley

Since the very early beginnings of the sport, the mountains of Glyderau have been closely associated with climbing. With climbs named Capital Punishment, Suicide Wall and Mur Y Meirwon (the wall of the dead), there’s no wonder that this has lasted the test of time as one of the most popular climbing spots in whole of the UK. While this is famed for its more challenging climbs, there are routes for climbers of all skill levels. Take some courage with you for this one.

5. Tremadog

Near Porthmadog to the south of Snowdonia, Tremadog is known widely for its quick-drying rock which has a level of friction like few others, making it a great spot for amateur climbers. The multi-pitch, dolerite walls of the crags are challenging in places, but can be overcome with a little bit of savvy. Tremadog is great in the winter – especially when it’s too wet to attempt the mountains.

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Fixed up Abroad: 5 Countries with the Highest Quality Healthcare

The UK receives a great deal of attention for its universal, tax-funded healthcare system. Through nationwide contributions, the government is able to provide greatly reduced rates for its citizens on procedures ranging from cardiac and pulmonary surgery to tummy tucks and laser eye treatments in manchester. That being said, on a global scale, if you’re looking to travel abroad for an operation, it helps to have options. The UK’s healthcare system is truly fine, but surprisingly, the World Health report has it listed in spot #18. Fortunately for the European traveler, the top five are all in western Europe.

5. MaltaBecause Malta is an island, it already has a tourism-minded attitude. The hospitals have an elegant atmosphere and are staffed with US- and UK-trained specialists. Its small size makes medical facilities easy to access, and it boasts no waiting lines. This also means it doesn’t take long to get to the beach and unwind after the procedure.

4. AndorraThe big perk of visiting Andorra is that it does not require citizens of the USA, Canada, UK/EU and Australia to procure visas for visits up to 3 months. That makes it an excellent place for major surgery requiring longer recovery periods. Also, considering Andorra has the highest life expectancy in the world, you can imagine they’ve got something right.

3. San Marino

Not only does the Most Serene Republic of San Marino have the distinction of being the third smallest country in Europe, but it also has the third best healthcare system in the world. It can be an excellent alternative if you find yourself by the Adriatic coast and have trouble finding a hospital. That being said, you may not need to visit San Marino if you’re already in…

2. Italy

Apart from having one of the best healthcare systems in the world, Italy also may be one of the nicest places to convalesce after your procedure. The Mediterranean climate and relaxed lifestyle (not to mention the food) make this an excellent place to combine healing with fun.

1. France

After centuries of cultural rivalry with the UK, France has pulled ahead in healthcare. Combining public and private healthcare funding, France offers substantially lower prices than much of the rest of Europe, one more reason to smile in this romantic country. They’ll help straighten that smile too, if you want.

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Changing of the guard london

5 Things To Do For Free in London

Check out the view from Parliament Hill in Hampstead

The view from Hampstead’s Parliament Hill is a top contending rival when compared to the vastly more extortionate Eye of London panorama. This open parkland has made a name for itself as a homey haven just north of London, boating views of Canary Wharf, St. Paul’s Cathedral and the City of London skyline. Be sure to look out for the flock of pink flamingos that inhabit the hill!

Changing of the guard london

Changing ouf the Guard in London

Board the Hogwarts Express at Platform 9 ¾

Don’t be late the train leaves exactly at 11 o’clock! Just kidding, if you were a fan of the series, don’t miss your opportunity to get wizardy at Platform 9 ¾ at Kings Cross Station. Posing with the semi vanished trolley will be like stepping into the wonder of the book all over again.


Watch the changing of the guards

A must see in London and for free! Yep, you heard it right. The Changing of the Guard happens every day at 11:30am in the summer and every other day in the winter. The Queens Royal Guard switches with a symbolic handing-over of the palace keys. There is a live drum line and, often times, other live music!


Become the victim of a Convent Garden street performer

The Covent Garden Market is home to a multifaceted array of street performers that make it their duty to entertain the patrons of the area each afternoon. While they may mean to entertain, they do have the tendency to call on random audience members to help in their acts! It’s all fun and games until you are made to kiss a stranger in front of a sizeable crowd. That’ll almost make you regret going to English School in London…


Peruse the shops at Camden Market

While the shopping factor of this excursion may not be free of charge, it doesn’t cost a single pence to browse through the handcrafted gifts and vintage wear that line the street on weekends. Attracting 100,000 visitors each weekend, the market is well known for its casual vibe and eclectic memorabilia. There is also a good nightlife scene in the area, so be sure to pick up some leaflets at the Camden Town Tube station on your way to the market!


*Carson Lane

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5 thing to do in Tasmania

Tasmania is an island full of surprises. It’s located 240km South of Australia separated by the Bass Strait. Tasmania has long kept its natural beauty and tourists are now turning their attention to this magnificent island for their vacation. With low airfares to get you here this island of inspiration surely won’t disappoint you.  Here are my top picks for things to do when visiting Tassie.

West Coast Wilderness Railway
In the late 19th century, Mt Lyell Mine railway was the original railway operating in this area and it has been restored to its original glory, the West Coast Wilderness Railway. This 22 mile route in the Tasmanian wilderness was once traveled by trains carrying copper from the mines of Queeenstown to the port of Strahan. You will pass by high trestle bridges over rivers with thick rainforests and have a quick stop at a restored original station. Refreshments are served on the train and in the Premier Carriage, you can get local wines, pastries and Tasmanian cheese with a great cabin service. This steam train will make your journey memorable.

Salamanca Place
Salamanca Place is the capital city of the Australian state of Tasmania, located in Sullivans Cove, along the waterfront in Hobart city. It is popular for its Saturday market with dozens of restaurants, pubs, galleries and craft shops to suit your budget. Historic Georgian buildings can be found on one side of Salamanca Place which were built around the 1830’s to house boats for the nearby waterfront. Regardless of the weather, this market is on every Saturday to cater you local produce.

Mount Wellington
Mount Wellington is referred to as ‘The Mountain’ by local residents of Hobart. This mountain is said to have the cleanest air in the world, a fresh rain forest with unique plants and animal species. This is one way to experience the best of the Tasmanian mountain. A trek in this mountain will give you breathtaking views, but remember to get a guide to show you the secrets of ‘The Mountain’.

Cradle Mountain-Lake and  St Clair National Park
Cradle-Mountain Lake and St Clair National Park was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Area with its own astounding beauty that is undisturbed by humans. The wildlife is abundant because of the ongoing conservation efforts to protect this area. Covering 21% of Tasmania’s land mass, this National Park has been considered to display an outstanding global example of natural and cultural significance of  untouched natural beauty with scenery like nothing else on the planet. This Natural Park is surely worth the visit.

Tasmanian Devil Conservation Park
Tasmanian Devil Conservation Park is on the the worlds best Tasmanian devil visitor center. Here you can come face to face with real Tasmanian devils and see devil feedings six times a day. You’ll also see some quolls, close cousins of the devil, eagles, owls, hawks, sociable kangaroos and other native animals. The Park’s other highlight is Kings of the Winds, Tasmania’s only free-flight bird show. You’ll experience spectacular high speed dive of a falcon, a coin-stealing parrot and meeting the fastest creature on the planet, the powerful peregrine. For sure, this show will entertain and make you laugh non-stop.

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surfing in cornwall

Top 5 things to do in England

The eyes of the world are currently trained on England as a global audience tune in around the clock to see all the drama of the London 2012 Olympics unfold.

Watching the Games being staged in England is probably prompting some people to plan a visit, but what should they see and do when they arrive?

surfing in cornwall

surfing in cornwall

Check out our top 5 things to do…

Explore the Yorkshire Dales

The beautiful Yorkshire Dales offer tourists the chance to escape into some of the most stunning countryside in the whole of Europe. Travel from town to town and village to village sampling what life is like in this unique part of England or if you’re feeling a little more energetic try and scale one of the Yorkshire Three Peaks. Brimham Rocks and Malham Cove are also must-visit attractions, while if you’re looking for examples of the type of charismatic accommodation Yorkshire has to offer, visit sites like www.yorkshire-cottages.info.

Discover what London has to offer 

No trip to England is complete without spending a few days in the capital city. Even if you’ve visited before, there is no end of new places to tick off the London checklist, from chilling out in the many parks and open spaces to being a culture vulture and wandering around the museums and galleries, from catching a West End theatre show to attending a major sporting event.

Catch some waves in Cornwall

Located at the south-west tip of England, Cornwall is a prime spot for the four s’s – sun, sea, sand and surf! Towns like Newquay become a mecca for surfers during the summer and even if you can’t ride the waves yourself, you can still sit back and soak in the splendid surrounding while enjoying the sunlight.

Head to Shakespeare country

Serene Stratford-upon-Avon was the birthplace of playwright and poet William Shakespeare and, as such, attracts high visitor numbers throughout the year who are keen to catch a performance of one of his pieces of work. Failing that, leisurely float downstream on the river or go bargain hunting in the numerous boutique shops selling all manner of weird and wonderful items.

See Northumberland’s world-famous castles

At the opposite end of the country to Cornwall is the northerly county of Northumberland, home to iconic castles like Alnwick and Bamburgh. Harry Potter fans should instantly recognise Bamburgh as this coastal castle provides the setting for Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry in the most-successful film franchise of all time.

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During your trip to the big apple you can, you choose from hundreds of hotels in New York and it is only fitting that you visit any of the theaters on Broadway. Showcasing theatrical performances i.e. plays and musicals, they provide a refreshing kind of entertainment, different from our usual clubbing escapades.

The five best theaters on Broadway provide a real first hand experience that cannot be compared to watching television no matter how big or crystal clear it might be. This time around, try to have some class, show your appreciation for the arts and see how your favorite actor or actress got to be so good today. Jazz hands people…its Showtime!


The Ambassador theatre, New York


With a previous box office record, the Gershwin Theater is stylishly designed in Art Nouveau. With a seating capacity of 1,933 the largest in the US, it is housed in the Paramount plaza and named after George and Ira Gershwin the famous composer and lyricist respectively.



Officially opened in 1923, the Imperial Theater has hosted 10 Tony Award-winning shows and numerous notable musicals such as Dream girls, Fiddler on the roof among others. Specifically designed to show musical theater productions, many notable lyricist such as Irving Berlin and Cole porter have since walked the boards here.



Seating up to 650 patrons, the Circle in the square, seating below street level has come along way. Originally being an old movie house with the producers and staff doubling as waiters and serving food to theater patrons, it as today one of the most famous Broadway theaters especially for the stunning production of ‘A street car named desire’.



A landmark of the New York City, the theater is uniquely designed and sits up to 1,225 patrons. Located in the renowned Theater District, it is one of the Great White Bay Broadway Theaters. The external appearance of the Ambassador Theater is a huge contrast to its strange interior diagonal structure, designed to accommodate the maximum number of seats possible.



Originally named The Forrest after the American classical actor Edwin Forrest, the theater was formerly a theater-hotel complex officially opened in 1925 with the premier of the ‘Mayflowers’ production. Today, the Georgian style play house comfortably sits up to 1,200 patrons and boasts over a decade of successful plays and musicals. Get a ticket one of these fine days and be prepared to be wowed.

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