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Top 5 advantages of self-catered accommodation

In my opinion, self-catered accommodation is an absolute godsend. I think many of us opt for standard hotels without really considering any other options, which is shame when you take a good look at what self-catered apartments and cottages have to offer.

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Below, you’ll find the top five benefits of going for this kind of accommodation over your average B&B or fully-catered hotel. Hopefully, these will inspire you to take a different approach to your next trip.

1) Cost reduction

One of the most obvious benefits of going down the self-catered route is that it can help you cut the cost of your break – especially if you decide to stay right here in the UK. There’s plenty of self-catered accommodation in Newcastle (which can be seen here), for example, that gives you the chance to stay in the heart of the action, checking out the city’s various galleries, bars and restaurants.

While deciding to have a staycation rather than jet off overseas will definitely help ease any budget woes, the main way in which self-catered breaks help your bank balance is by giving you the freedom to make your own meals. Of course, you can still dine out whenever you fancy doing something special, so you needn’t worry that you’re missing out – you’ll just have maximum control over how much you’re spending.

2) Breadth of choice and flexibility

While self-catered breaks can definitely be a money-saver, there’s far more to them than this. In fact, one of the things I love most about this kind of accommodation is the broad spectrum of holidays it can cover. Yes, it can be perfect for a cheap getaway, but it’s easy to go for something ultra-lavish instead.

Plus, you can have very different breaks depending on whereabouts you stay. Going back to the example of Newcastle, you can find apartments right in the city centre, which is absolutely brilliant if you want to immerse yourself in the hustle and bustle. Should you be after something a bit quieter, though, you could pick somewhere on the coast a few miles away, or just outside the city in the countryside.

3) Freedom

Another key advantage of self-catered accommodation is the freedom it gives you. Traditional hotels with set mealtimes and strict check-in and check-out times often make you feel like you need to keep in line with someone else’s schedule. With self-catered breaks, though, you’re free to make the rules.

Of course, this also means you can be a bit more spontaneous. For instance, if you go on a day trip outside the city and decide you’d like to stay there for dinner, you won’t have to worry that you’re missing a meal that’s already been paid for back at your hotel.

4) Home from home feel

One of my favourite things about renting an apartment or cottage is that you can create a real home from home while you’re on holiday – something I think is pretty difficult to do in a hotel where you only have a bedroom and bathroom.

And this cosy atmosphere is perfect for pretty much any kind of trip. Families, for example, will be able to recreate all the security and comforts of home for younger members of the family, while couples will have plenty of privacy and groups of friends will have plenty of space to hang out – which brings me to my final point.

5) Sociability

In my opinion, one of the biggest benefits of going self-catered is the social factor. After all, having a whole apartment or cottage makes it so much easier to spend time together as a group, since you’ll have communal areas as well as individual bedrooms.

You can cook meals together and have dinner parties or, if you fancy a more relaxed night in with a film, you could grab a takeaway and a few beers instead. Families, meanwhile, can use the space to spend quality time with the kids, not to mention storing bulky bits and bobs like buggies, toys and spare clothes.


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5 most expensive hotels in the world

For the truly rich and famous, hotel rooms with panoramic vistas, private pools and Jacuzzis, and personal butler and chef services in the best vacation spots in the world are only a swipe a credit card away. Let’s take a look at what the top 5 expensive hotels in the world offer their guests—and how much one night stay in pure luxury can cost them:

5) Hotel: Atlantis Paradise Island, Royal Towers’ Bridge Suites

Location: Bahamas

Cost: $25,000/night

The ten Bridge Suites at the Bahamas’ leading luxury resort pamper guests with rooms of truly palatial proportions. The living room is a whopping 1,250-square feet and contains a grand piano and twin entertainment center, while the kitchen contains an ornate 22-karrat chandelier. The 800 square foot balcony provides guests with uninterrupted views of the Caribbean and hotel pools as well.


4) Hotel: Four Seasons Hotel, Ty Warner Penthouse

Location: New York, NY

Cost: $35,000/night

Beating out the Plaza Hotel’s Royal Plaza Suite by a few thousand dollars a night, the Ty Warner Penthouse is situated on the 52nd floor of the Four Seasons hotel, meaning that it gives its guests an unbeatable 360-view of the New York city skyline. Among its most luxurious features are a Zen garden, a personal spa, a customized iMac computer, and its complimentary amenities: a personal butler, Rolls Royce chauffeur, and a personal trainer.


3) Hotel: Palms Casino Resort, Hugh Hefner Sky Villa

Location: Las Vegas, NV

Cost: $40,000/night

It should come as no shocker that the most expensive suite in the City of Sin belongs to Playboy founder Hugh Hefner. The fantasy suite allows its guests to truly indulge, featuring massage and spa treatment rooms, a poker table, a rotating bed, an indoor waterfall, and an outdoor Jacuzzi overlooking the Strip.


2) Hotel: Grand Resort Lagonissi, Royal Villa

Location: Athens, Greece

Price: $45,000/night

Though there’s a private marina and beach nearby, chances are good you won’t need it when you book a stay at this luxury villa in Athens: it comes equipped with both and outdoor and an indoor pool so you can relax in luxury no matter what the season. Its other outstanding features include a personal gym, steam bath, and massage room, as well as access to your own private butler, chef, and even pianist.


1) Hotel: Hotel President Wilson, Royal Penthouse Suite

Location: Geneva, Switzerland

Price: $65,000/night

It’s not just this suite’s serene panoramic views of Lake Geneva and Mont Blanc that give it the highest price tag in the world. The room also comes with the greatest security feature an important diplomat or famous celebrity could ask for: bulletproof doors and windows. Its other noteworthy features include a Steinway grand piano, billiard room, library, and a private fitness center.

most expensive hotel in the world

Okay, so maybe you’ll never be able to afford these truly fantasy suites, but the hotels that house them have some more affordable rooms that are luxurious enough for the common traveler. Start saving by selling back your electronics to musicMagpie.

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Top 10 Hotels in Cyprus

The Mediterranean region is one of the most beautiful in the world. There is no lack of culture, food, music, dance, and anything else a vacationer could ask for. Many people who want to go to the Mediterranean usually plan trips to Greece and Turkey, which are both great places, but a place to make sure you check out is Cyprus. The island is a serene paradise in the middle of the Mediterranean sea. When you check out Cyprus you have to stay in a place as beautiful as the country itself. Here are 10 of the best places to stay on your holiday in Cyprus, in no particular order!


Olympic Lagoon Resort


To start with, the Olympic Lagoon Resort is one of the best places to stay while on holiday. This is a great place for not only families but couples as well. There are a host of different options available for food from Japanese to a 1950’s American Style Diner. There are plenty of entertainment opportunities available for kids, so parents don’t worry about alone time. You can send them to the kids club which has a cinema room, arcade, internet cafe, soft drink bar, and swimming pool. And for those of you without kids, there are plenty of kid free zones you can escape away to, such as the adults-only relaxation pool that includes a whirlpool and a lazy river. For extra privacy, look into the Fisherman’s Village rooms which have a shared private pool.

Capo Bay Hotel


This hotel has what I would like to call a prime location. It is right on the beach of Fig Tree Bay in Protaras and less than 1 km away from a dance club. Although there is a dance club nearby, there is no shortage of entertainment at this resort. From water volleyball, aquaerobics, and tennis to two outdoor swimming pools, one indoor pool and a pool bar that has a satellite tv. The Capo Bay Hotel also has live music regularly. Everything you need to enjoy your holiday can be found right on the grounds.

Tsokko Beach Hotel


The Tsokko Beach Hotel is a hotel that is great for all types of groups. Whether you are a family, couple, or a group of friends you can’t go wrong with staying here. It is close to the beach and the Protaras center which is filled with bars and restaurants. The hotel has a bar, video games, darts, ping pong, pool table, and live music. I know that personally, between the bar and the bar games available to play, me and my group of friends could have a blast all week.

Christabelle Hotel Apartments


This is the perfect location for groups trying to enjoy the nightlife of the Ayia Napa area of Cyprus. There are plenty of options when staying in the Christabelle Hotel Apartments. You can choose to stay in a studio apartment, one bedroom or two bedroom apartment. The number of friends you travel with and the length of your stay could all play a role in your choice of room when staying in this laidback vacationer community.

Tsokkos Paradise Village


Not to be confused with the Tsokko Beach Hotel, this village is just as beautiful and welcoming. The Tsokkos Paradise Village is a great place for families. Most of the accommodations are for adults and kids alike, making this resort a better family stay. The center of Ayia Napa is a bus ride away and the village is also right across the street from the beach, making trips to and from not hard at all!

Nissi Beach Hotel


Everything is right in the name. This hotel in Ayia Napa is located directly on Nissi Beach. It boasts seven different bars, five of which are beach side with taverna lunch options. There is a fantastic spa offering a gym, indoor pool, whirlpool, sauna, steam bath, beauty salon, and hydro massages are available. It also has plenty of athletics available as there is a beach volleyball court, floodlit tennis courts, and a basketball/mini-football court. One of the coolest features though of the Nissi Beach Hotel is the diving school which gives guests the chance to take diving classes in the Mediterranean.

Annmaria Hotel


The Annmaria Hotel seems like the perfect place to go if you’re looking for nothing too crazy and just want to enjoy a modest time in Cyprus. It is a place that people of all ages can appreciate. It overlooks a rocky beach and the Ayia Napa center is just a 15 minute walk away. Don’t let the rocky beach scare you away, about 15 minutes down the strip there is a perfectly sandy beach that is great for sunbathing and jet skiing. It has a buffet, pool bar, lounge bar, and tennis court. All in all, this is a great location for those just trying to relax and enjoy the get away that beautiful Cyprus is able to offer.

Ascos Coral Beach Hotel


Another hotel that the name says a lot. This hotel sits right on, you guessed it, the beach. If you haven’t picked up on a general theme of the island quite yet let me help out, everything is right on or right across from the beach. The Ascos Coral Beach Hotel is in Coral Bay and tends to cater better for older and more mature guests and couples. It is on a rock and shingle beach, offering a view that you are unlikely to find most anywhere else.

Tsokkos Gardens Complex


This complex is a combination of a hotel and an apartment complex, allowing for a wide range of choice in the kind of room you would like to stay in. the choices range from studio apartments to traditional hotel style rooms with two or three beds. Tsokkos Gardens Complex is located in Pernera but is very close to Protaras. There is a beach walkway that connects Pernera to Protaras so that guest staying in in Pernera won’t miss out on the nightlife that Protaras has to offer.

Napa Plaza Hotel


To round off this list we end in the familiar location of Ayia Napa. The Napa Plaza Hotel is in the center of Ayia Napa right next to the monastery, which may make for an interesting and unique daytime visit. The architecture of the hotel is actually based off of the same style as the neighboring 14th century monastery that was previously mentioned. This is a modern resort and its biggest draw, to me anyway, is the fact that it is right in the middle of the city. The hustle and bustle happens around this resort, making it the place to be.

There it is, 10 of the best options for your stay in Cyprus. Make sure you do your research and choose the best option for your vacation. Or maybe plan 10 trips and try them all out. A guy can dream right?

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5 star hotel

How to Stay in a Luxury Hotel at Half Price

Finding the best travel bargains has felt like an insider’s sport. Despite our unprecedented access to real-time pricing, suspicions abound that there could be a better deal out there that we have yet to unearth. How do we get behind the invisible velvet rope? What’s the secret?

It is hidden away behind members-only sites that ooze exclusivity and mystery hotel deals and auctions that leave you guessing. Here are some methods to getting substantial price cuts on luxury hotels. There is no reason why you shouldn’t live the luxe life.

5 star hotel


Membership only sites

A trend that has been steadily rising is members-only luxury lodging sites. They were created to offset the empty hotel rooms caused by struggling global economy. And they are successful, in large part, due to people’s keen interest in how the wealthy live. Plus the fantastic deals, of course.


Getting into one of these “elite” sites such as SniqueAway, Jetsetter, Voyage Privé, and Vacationist is easier than it appears. Most do an instant email identification check while others will approve you within a few days. The properties featured are hand-selected by the site and negotiated directly with the hotel for the best prices. These deals are available for a limited time. Don’t be worried; the dates to travel are usually aplenty.





Secret Hotels

Growing in popularity are secret hotels, and with sites like secrethotels.org you can be in on the secret! You’re provided a star rating, relative location, and basic details about the hotel’s facilities. Until you secure a reservation, the property’s identity will not be revealed.  Why do they hide their names? Often times the prices on these sales are significantly lower than what is published on the hotel’s own brochures and website. If you are flexible about location and can relinquish control over knowing which exact hotel you’ll be booking, this is a great way to get luxury hotels for less.



(Luxury Link)


Vacation Auctions

A “reverse-auction” site, Priceline has been the king of name-your-own-price when it comes to booking hotels. You fill out basic information—what star hotel and the general neighborhood you want to stay in. Then name a price and send. If accepted, you are awarded a hotel that fits within your specifications. If declined, you are supposed to wait 24-hours before trying again. But by adding another qualification (a second neighborhood, for example) you can rebid immediately.


With vacation auctioning sites such as SkyAuction, Luxury Link, and Generous Adventures, the hotel simply goes to the highest bidder. Generous Adventures has $25 bid increments while you can increase your bids on Luxury Link by just $1. Similar to secret hotels, bidders won’t know what the name of the hotel is until afterwards.


Although you may have champagne taste with a beer budget, by utilizing these methods, you will soon be enjoying the good life in your luxurious accommodations.

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