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Enjoy an active break in Starnberg

If, like me, you enjoy getting active when on holiday in order to see the place you’re visiting in a new light, make sure you take a daytrip to Starnberg when in Munich. Located in Upper Bavaria, the town is brilliant for those of you who love the great outdoors.

starnberg germany

While Munich is definitely one of those cities you can spend your entire getaway in, I recommend you get a good deal for a hire car at Munich Airport. That way, you can explore the stunning Upper Bavaria and all of its castles, lakes and towns, with Starnberg one of the best ones to drive to.

The journey should only take around 30 minutes, so you can easily spend several hours in the town, before heading back into the city centre for your evening meal and drinks. One of the highlights of Starnberg for activity enthusiasts is its lake.

Starnberger See – as the body of water is known – covers a huge 57 sq km and is 127 m deep, so you might have already guessed that it’s a brilliant place to take part in some water sports. Swap your rental car for a boat and discover what the lake has to offer close up. When you find a secluded spot, you can jump in the water and go for a refreshing swim.

This part will obviously depend on the time of the year you come to Munich – and I don’t think I’d be brave enough to take a dip outside of the summer months! – but whatever season you visit, there’s plenty to do.

In this corner of Germany you have breathtaking views of the Alps, so you might decide to go on a walk around the lake, as well as through the nearby forest. Should you choose to come in autumn or winter, for example, you can enjoy the sight of either the leaves turning red and gold or the trees draped in snow.

You can also go for a walk through the town centre and browse the shops. Many of the stores sell traditional Bavarian clothing, as well as other intriguing items. Starnberg is, therefore, an ideal place to stock up on souvenirs for your friends and family back home.

After all of that boating, swimming and shopping, you will no doubt want a bit of a rest before the drive back into Munich. There are lots of cafes and restaurants in the town, and you can enjoy a steaming mug of hot chocolate and some local cuisine to warm you up after your bracing swim and walk.

Some traditional Bavarian foods that you might like to try include fried sausage, potato dumplings, Swabian noodles with melted cheese and fried onions, and a pile of pancakes drizzled in chocolate sauce. Writing this list is certainly making my mouth water!

If you have time, take a detour to Possenhofen before heading back to Munich. The town is home to the Empress Elisabeth Museum, which details the life of the former royal and how she used to spend her summer here away from her father’s palace in the city.

Have you been to Starnberg or Possenhofen before? If so, leave your favourite things to see and do here below to help other holidaymakers plan a fantastic trip.


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5 Things to See in Berlin

Berlin’s fascinating and dynamic history make it a great city for sightseeing. Here are 5 things not to miss on a trip to the German capital:



Berlin Wall – Though most of the Wall was destroyed in 1990, you can still visit a good 1.3 km. stretch of it that’s now called the East Side Gallery- it’s been covered with murals by international artists over the past twenty years. Take the S-Bahn to Ostbahnhof for a quick walk to this part of the wall. There are multiple bike and walking tours you can take to this area, but Sandeman’s New  (free!) Berlin Tour is a great pick. They’ll take you all over the city, to the Wall and Checkpoint Charlie, another “don’t miss” site to see in Berlin.

Museum Island – Museum lovers rejoice! There’ll be no need to traverse the city to hit five of Berlin’s most important museums, because they are conveniently packed together on one island in the River Spree! Exhibiting everything from ancient sculptures to Byzantine collections, the museums were supposedly designed to create an organic relationship with the art they respectively house. An interesting idea to take with you to the island!

Mauer Park – For a more off-beat experience, head to Berlin’s Mauer Park to take part in some of the city’s quirky pastimes. On Sundays, the park puts on Berlin’s best flea market where you can search for all kinds of treasures with locals and visitors alike. Also on Sundays, a nearby amphitheater in the park features the “Bearpit Karaoke Show,” inviting anyone and everyone to come on stage and show their talent!

Zoological Garden – Berlin’s largest central park, the Tiergarten, features the country’s oldest and best-known zoo. Why is this one not to miss? Simply because it presents the most comprehensive collection of animals in the world! Just try to see all 1,500 species and over 17,000 animals here in a day- it’s a challenge!

Reichstag – A city with such a diverse range of architecture like Berlin just begs to be viewed from the sky! Catch an aerial perspective from the Reichstag, the official seat of German Parliament.  The building’s roof will give you a breathtaking panoramic view of the city below, and the all-glass dome allows you to peer right into Parliament! Going up to the roof is free, but you must register online to visit.

Berlin is a great destination to acces, with some of the cheapest flights into here from all around the continent so there’s never been a better time to visit. Jump onboard!

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