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Would you like a celeb to join you on a cruise?!

Well, well, well. Cruises are all the rage and it’s easy to see why. If luxurious surroundings, top class food and amazing amenities don’t float your boat (see what we did there?) then we don’t know what will. However, you always run the risk of being stuck on a cruie with a less-than-lovely co-cruiser. Equally though cruises offer you the chance to make some friends for life. So how about sharing your cruise with someone a little bit more well known…

Our pals at virgin conducted a fascinating survey discovering which celebs the public would choose to share their cruise with. Do you agree with the choices? Click on the image below and have fun discovering which celebs the public would choose


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Be enchanted by Hawaii’s Islands

Hawaii has long been a traveler’s paradise and is one of the premier vacation destinations in the world. With clear turquoise waters, pristine sandy beaches, lush landscapes and breathtaking scenery, it’s easy to see why. Thousands of tourists, from honeymooners to nature enthusiasts, descend on this location annually and what better way to enjoy Hawaii’s Islands than by going on a cruise vacation?

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A Hawaii cruise is one of the best ways to take in all that this amazing destination has to offer. Moreover, travelers also get to reap the additional benefits of going on a cruise, including:


  • Visiting several destinations. Most cruises stop at several ports of call giving vacationers the chance to travel to multiple destinations during a single trip.


  • Value for money.  Depending on the cruise company, travelers can enjoy both onboard entertainment and offshore excursions. Luxury cruise liners such as Royal Caribbean Cruises offer exclusive packages and itineraries suitable for families, groups and couples.


  • Traveling convenience. All expenses are dealt with prior to the cruise and vacationers only unpack once, giving them ample time to relax and enjoy their vacation.


  • Traveling in luxurious comfort. Cruise liners have aptly been described as traveling hotels since they offer all amenities and entertainment facilities available in a normal hotel.


The best time to cruise round Hawaii

 The choice of when to go on a Hawaii cruise largely rests with the tourists. Hawaii is blessed with a pleasant warm climate all year round. The peak tourist season lasts from December to March with the two weeks around Christmas being the busiest. There are numerous cruises during this time and vacationers can easily find one that suits their needs.

The off-season for Hawaiian cruises takes place between September and mid-December and from April to mid-June. Cruises are fewer during this time and the tickets are also cheaper.


Hawaii’s Islands and main attractions

The Hawaiian Islands that feature most in the tourist circuit are Hawaii, Oahu, Maui and Kauai; however, each of the eight islands has something unique to offer.

1. Hawaii – also known as The Big Island, this is the most famous among the eight. Top tourist attractions here include the Kilauea Volcano, the black beaches and the beautiful Liliuokalani Gardens.

2. Maui – history and culture buffs will delight in visiting Baldwin House, Pioneer Inn and the historic fort at Old Lahaina.

3. Oahu – home to the famous Pearl Harbor, this Island also boasts several WWII memorials and museums.

4. Kauai – visitors to this Island have to spend a day shopping for souvenirs and gifts at Whaler’s Cove, one of the largest shopping centers in Hawaii.

5. Molokai – this Island is the ideal destination for practicing Catholics thanks to its rich Roman Catholic heritage and history.

6. Lanai – golfing enthusiasts will appreciate the two golf courses, named The Challenge and The Experience, situated on this small Island.

7. Niihau – hunting safaris are offered here. The game includes oryx, aoudad and eland.

8. Kahoolawe- this is the smallest of the Hawaiian Islands. Although it is off the tourist track, it has an interesting Archaeological District with several historic sites.




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south pacific cruise

South Pacific Cruise Deals

Cruises are luxurious vacations that you should experience at least once in your lifetime. You may be one of the people who steer away from cruises because of the large price-tag associated with luxury cruise liners. Do not allow price to deter you from your dream vacation, because there are a variety of affordable South Pacific cruise deals available for you. For as little as one hundred dollars per night, you could be sailing away to paradise.

south pacific cruise
2013 has welcomed a new year full of South Pacific cruise specials for you to choose from. You can cruise to the Polynesian, Micronesian and Melanesian islands. The three islands are home to Vanuatu, Hawaii, America Samoa, Guam, Palau, New Caledonia, and a host of other exotic locations. South Pacific offers cruises year-round, with the exception of a few dates and locations. For example, you can travel to Fiji and Tahiti year-round, but cruises to New Zealand and other Trans Pacific/World sectors only sail between October and March.

Great specials for 2013 include a four-night trip to Brisbane and Whitsunday Islands for only $703. Whitsunday Island is home of the world’s most beautiful beaches and deep waterways. If four-days are not enough, you can take a seven-day trip to Brisbane for $919. This trip includes more days, and more islands to visit, including Noumea, Lifou and Vila. If you want a cruise that lasts for at least nine days, South Pacific has affordable cruise specials for you too. For $749 you can travel to the many islands of Australia aboard the Pacific Jewel for nine days. South Pacific also offers ten-day cruises to the Polynesian, Micronesian and Melanesian islands.

South Pacific cruises on a budget do not mean less of the luxury; you still receive a lot of enjoyable amenities, including dining. Elegant dining takes place in a sophisticated setting where gourmet food is served. The types of food served will vary by the cruise line, but some of the food that may be served during your cruise includes: pumpkin risotto, lobster, crepes Florentine, amongst other gourmet meals. Every cruise ship offers passengers casual dining venues. Pizzerias, sushi bars and a variety of buffets are some of the casual dining you can enjoy on your cruise ship. You have access to cruise ship nightlife and casinos while your ship is out to sea. There is also entertainment on your ship, including live performances and concerts. Child camps and entertainment is available, so you and your spouse can roam the ship alone.

South Pacific cruises depart from various ports, such as Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Auckland. The port you use will depend on your cruise destination. If you are traveling to Fiji you will depart from Lautoka, whereas cruises to Tahiti depart from Bora Bora or Papeete.

South Pacific cruise deals are always available for you, regardless if you are traveling on a romantic get-away, for a family vacation, or just because. South Pacific gives you detailed information about your cruise, as well as vacationing tips on the climate and culture of your destination. Choosing South Pacific means you receive a luxury cruise for less, but all the amenities and support are still the best!

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Celebrate Holidays on Cruises: Five Tips for Parents

You’ve just booked the vacation of a lifetime—an adventurous holiday cruise. You’ll be packing up all the kids and heading off to celebrate Christmas or some other major holiday onboard a fabulous cruise liner. So, how do you make sure that this holiday will be unforgettable?
Today’s cruise lines, such as Celebrity Cruise Line, have made cruising a truly family experience. Whether it’s Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year’s or any other popular holiday, many cruise lines have plenty of special events and activities planned.

To make this vacation memorable and stress free, look at these five tips for ensuring a great holiday cruise.

1. Choose the Best Cruise for Your Family

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Image via Flickr by Roger Wollstadt

When you’re booking your cruise, look at all the amenities offered. You want to make sure there are plenty of onboard, kid-friendly activities and entertainment options for your kids, such as movies, pools, and other creative activities. Check to see if onboard daycare and babysitting services are provided. This way you can spend time with your spouse having a romantic dinner or dancing the night away.

2.  Get to the Ship Prepared

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Image via Flickr by -spam-

In order to have a carefree cruise, make sure to pack all the essentials that you’ll need. In addition to the regular clothing and essentials, include any holiday related items. For instance, for a Christmas cruise, pack wrapping paper and decorations for any last-minute gifts. Think about including a favorite decoration to bring a bit of home to the ship. If it’s a New Year’s cruise, take along your family’s favorite noisemakers and celebration items.

3. Make the Journey Fun

When cruising, there can be a bit of travel to actually get to the ship. Bring along plenty of things that will entertain your children during the flight and any transfer times. These items can include:

  • A favorite video game or book
  • Snacks (make sure they meet TSA guidelines)
  • A pillow for naps
  • A favorite toy or blanket

4. Keep Family Traditions

http://onestep4ward.com/friends-cruise-steps/ http://maiden-voyage-travel.com/should-you-be-sober-on-a-cruise-a-look-at-safety-cost-and-fun-factors/
Image via Flickr by Jo Naylor

While the holiday cruise is certain to be fun, it will be extra special if you keep some of your family’s holiday traditions while onboard. If your family attends Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve, most ships have a chapel where you can attend services. If you light a menorah during Hanukkah, make sure to bring one along to keep the family tradition bright. You may even find yourself creating new family traditions while onboard.

5. Enjoy the Ride

Screen Shot 2013-01-29 at 12.20.42 AM
Image via Flickr by BonnyJoe

Make sure to enjoy all that cruising offers during the holidays. Make memories. Imagine coming from a cold winter environment—you and your kids will remember that day at the pool doing cannonballs in the warm sun. Watch the glaciers slide by on an Alaskan cruise—you’re so close to the North Pole, you might spot Santa!

One last thing: Don’t forget the camera or video camera to capture all the memories that will be created during this very special holiday adventure.




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New Year, New Travels

New Year, New Travels! Every couple loves to have some quality me-time, traveling the world and exploring new horizons. The new year is here and it has brought in another opportunity to go traveling, rekindle your romance and celebrate life. In this article we will discussing about how you can make the most out of this year by experiencing maximum fun traveling together.

romantic cruise


Go on a Romantic Cruise: There’s nothing more romantic than sailing with your better half on a cruise ship. But most of the time cruise ships can be crowded with families and children on board. The solution? Take one of these romantic cruises and cruise the waters together…

1. Paul Gaugin of Raddison Seven Seas Cruises – This cruise is great for couples who want to enjoy the ocean without falling prey to cabin fever. Why? Because it includes a “sea level” water sports its rearmost part. So whether you want an ocean adventure where you learn to windsurf or enjoy the tropical lagoon in a kayak, it’s all possible here.

2. Silver Whisper of Silversea Cruises – If you ever wanted to ride on the waters of Italy, then this romantic cruise is for you. The ship is not only luxurious in its offerings, but elegant in its hospitality too. Couples can truly enjoy their time on it by indulging into amazing five-star cuisine or go get a Balinese massage in the most soothing atmosphere. 3. Crown Princess of Princess Cruises – Call it the “Love Boat” or anything that suits your romantic taste. This cruise makes it easy for couples to be romantic. Want to pop the question to your lover? You have multimedia proposal package ready to assist you and make it a lot more special. And if the answer’s a yes, then you get a unique, romantic dinner to make it memorable.

Fly Down to a Romantic Destination If you’re not in the mood to take a cruise, you can always fly down to one of these romantic destinations, have a good time being there with each other and doing things you both like…

#1: Paris, France – When it comes to romantic cities, Paris takes the cake. Right from strolling along the river Seine to having an amazing picnic time at the flowery 61-acre Luxembourg Garden – as a couple, you cannot miss out on this city.

#2: Venice, Italy – This city has an architecture that touches you while its mysterious passageways give you the perfect reason to hide from the world and enjoy your romance. Just try gliding together on one of its beautiful canals in a gondola, and you’ll feel love in the air. #3: Dubai, UAE – There’s not one, but many ways Dubai makes up to a great romantic destination. Whether it’s about enjoying the luxury of Dubai hotels or simply relishing the sunset at the famous Jumeirah Beach, you’ll love every moment of your stay here. Celebrating your relationship doesn’t need a time/place, but by choosing a romantic place and doing it the right way, can help you make this new year even more special.

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Last Minute Cruising and Stoppage Time

What if you are sitting around the flat on a Friday night watching a game of football when you have a eureka moment? You jump off the couch, knock over your lager and run into the other room to find your wife, girlfriend, lover or whoever it is you share the pad with. She has not seen you so excited in so long that she thinks you are experiencing some type of medical condition. Smiling, you take one look at her and say, “Honey, we’re going on a cruise!”. Click here to see what Virgin Holidays Cruises offer.

Cruise ship

Travelling and Football Metaphors

This kind of Friday night scenario really happens. When it does, you will be glad to find out that Virgin Atlantic is there for you, ready to help, guide and make the planning process as easy as possible. This last minute inspiration to go cruising happens to people all of the time; however, not everybody acts it. In fact, the idea usually fades like a badly taken corner kick, and the next day you get up and take the Tube to go to work when you should be cruising to Jamaica, St. Lucia or beautiful Barbados. Isn’t it time you acted on your eureka moment?

The art and beauty of the last minute cruise is the total lack of planning involved. Instead of worrying about buying a new swimsuit, packing, logistics, car rentals and all the other extraneous fluff and nonsense that goes into planning a holiday, you simply decide you want to go on holiday, and then you jump on the computer, hit a few keys, click and cruise. It is as simple as that, or as they say in Jamaica: No worries, man.

The Red Card

Of course, just because you book a last minute cruise does not mean you can take two weeks off from work at the last minute. In the boss’s eyes, that kind of thing might deserve a red card. However, if your boss wants to keep productivity high, they know how important a holiday is, whether it is last minute romp in the sun and surf, or a luxurious, pre-planned excursion to the Mediterranean.

Bend it Like Beckham

Whether you are enjoying the wave pool that sits atop your cruise liner like it is the mighty Pacific, or you have actually gotten off the boat to enjoy a surfing lesson, that wave is going to pipeline and bend it like Beckham, so you better be ready.

Aren’t you glad that Virgin Atlantic could make it happen? In fact, that’s only the beginning. Tonight in the cruise’s English themed bar there is a Manchester United versus Manchester City game on. Now that is cruising.


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5 Goods Things About Cruises

cruise ship deck

1. People watching. Maybe it’s because all of the cruises I’ve been on are those that fall in the cheapest of price ranges, but as far as I’m concerned, the best place to people watch is on a ship out at sea. Cruise goers tend to leave their inhibitions inland and have no problem letting lose and showing their true (and probably ill-matched) colors when they can only be judged by the ship’s other patrons. It isn’t uncommon to see archaic women in skimpy bikinis flirting with younger men or guys with oversized muscles doing the worm at the on-board “night club.” Believe me, just get out there and see for yourself!


2. Gambling. We all know that gambling is a-ok in international waters, so why not take advantage of those slot machines and craps tables? Cruise ships often offer casinos with laidback, more “beachy” atmospheres as well as high stakes when it comes to winning. Plus, since you’re in international waters, you don’t have to succumb to any one country’s gambling laws. Good Luck!


3. The Shows. The evening performances are a perfect way to unwind after a day of laying out in the sun and imbibing (a few too many) adult beverages. The entertainment crews on cruise ships are top notch and believe it or not, are actually talented. From my past experience you can expect: magic shows, Rockette-esque performances, Circ du Solei copycats and comedy routines. The best show by far is the passenger talent show though, so whatever you do, don’t miss it!


4. Free Drinks. This one is tricky since most cruises are “All-inclusive **EXECPT FOR DRINKS**” But if you’re smart, you’ll find those few crucial events on board that offer complimentary beverages. I have gotten free drinks at the following: Captain’s dinners, Art auctions, dance contests and for that one time that I pretended to have just been proposed to at the formal dinner.


5.  Sunrises and Sunsets. In all seriousness, however beautiful the location of your stationary holiday you’re unlikely to find sunsets and sunrises as spectacular as those on a cruise. It’s the fact there are absolutely no buildings or hills to sully your view – just flat, open ocean. You would be hard pushed to find a more agreeable place to see a sunset, or indeed, a sunrise.


  • Explore

    Discover a different world with P&O Cruises. No one knows the globe like us. Your perfect cruise starts the moment you step aboard.
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  • From Southampton

    Don’t fancy the plane? We have a wide choice of round-trip cruises from Southampton to places like the Canaries, the Med and the Baltics.
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  • Caribbean

    Looking for turquoise waters and tropical sunsets with a host of historic destinations too? Try one of our Caribbean Cruises.
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  • Cruise Deals

    Thinking about a cruise holiday? Visit the P&O Cruises website now for the latest special offers and our best cruise deals.
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  • Mediterranean

    Our Mediterranean cruises are ideal for culture vultures. Visit a string of historic cities including Rome, Naples, Venice and more.
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