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3 reasons tourists continue to flock to Benidorm

Benidorm is one of those destinations that’s synonymous with British holidays. For decades now it’s been somewhere that Brits flock to so they can soak up the Spanish sunshine while still enjoying all the comforts of home – but what are the main reasons people come back time and time again?

1) The amazing beaches

So many people go to Benidorm for its beaches, which are known not only for being scenic, but also for having heaps of handy amenities.

The main beach is Levante, which is situated in the heart of town and stretches for around 2 km. One of the best things about this vibrant beach is the sheer variety of things you can do; by all means, simply soak up the sun if you fancy, but you can also give water sports a go, check out the cafes and restaurants along the promenade or try some activities on the sand.

A little quieter, Poniente Beach is the other main stretch of sand. While it’s somewhat more sedate than Levante, it still has loads of facilities, so it tends to be where people go if they want a touch of coastal peace and quiet without having to head into the middle of nowhere.

In between the two is Mal Pas Cove. A Blue Flag beach, it’s a decent place to sunbathe and snorkel away from the crowds. If you fancy going somewhere a bit more secluded, meanwhile, you can head to beaches like Ti Ximo Cove or La Almadrava Cove, which are outside the town but home to some wonderful scenery and marine life.

2) The home from home feel

Personally, I think that while the combination of sun, sand and sea is a big factor in Benidorm’s popularity, the home from home feel it offers Brits perhaps plays just as big a part – after all, Benidorm certainly isn’t the only affordable place in Spain where you can relax on the beach under a hot sun.

Over the years, Benidorm has become known for its English-style pubs, fish and chips and other British classics that have made it seem like a slice of the UK in the Spanish sunshine. This quality makes it a great destination for anyone who wants to do nothing more than relax and let their hair down away from the fickle British weather!

3) The tourism infrastructure

Another thing that makes Benidorm such an appealing destination is, I think, its strong tourism infrastructure. That might sound a bit odd at first, but the fact that it has hotels for pretty much every budget (which you can take a look at by clicking here), as well as a huge array of restaurants, bars and tourist activities for all ages, makes it such a simple destination to travel to.

After all, the presence of theme parks like Terra Mitica, a historic town centre and the opportunity to try all kinds of exciting water sports makes Benidorm a destination that can please most travellers.

Plus, while the cuisine famously offers Brits their favourite dishes from back home, there are also plenty of chances to try some more authentic Spanish fare. Fish and rice dishes are particularly popular here, as is paella – the classic Spanish dish. It’s also well worth trying the delicious desserts, including indulgent ice creams and almond tart.

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Cheap Deals on Family Holidays: Benidorm

Nestled into the south-east coast of Spain, Benidorm is a resort that can appeal to all types of holiday-goers. From party animals to families with young children, cheap Benidorm holidays are kind to the wallet and can provide memorable breaks that are well-deserved.


Although, of late, this Costa Blanca resort has built a reputation for itself as a thriving party town, it still has so much to offer to those in favour of early nights and family fun. Cheap holiday deals mean you can take your family to the Spanish coast for budget prices and still enjoy some fun in the sun.

Head to Terra Mitica for the day – a thrilling theme park with attractions to suit all ages. Based on ancient civilisations from around the world, there are themed restaurants and thrilling rides for everyone in the family to enjoy and at the same price as you’d pay for a UK theme park, you won’t be breaking the bank.

For families wishing to explore underground, head for the Cuevas de Canelobre – a popular tourist attraction to the west of the resort.

Choose self catering apartments to save on cost and visit the supermarkets in the resort to make budget meals for you and your family. Alternatively, opt for an all inclusive stay at one of the resort hotels, where everything you eat, drink and use is included. Although the initial price tag is more expensive than normal, the spending money required once there is next to nothing.

If you decide to stay away from added excursions, don’t worry! Most kids are more than happy to play by the pool and head to the beaches and dig for treasure every day – a holiday in Benidorm doesn’t need any more than that to provide an unforgettable trip and quality family time.

Check online for some awesome deals on holidays to Benidorm today and get ready for some serious family fun.

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