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hot-air ballon ride, luxor

Holidays to Get Your Adrenaline Pumping

For some people, travelling isn’t just about exploring new places, it’s also about exploring your limits and facing danger in its most extreme form. There are hundreds of adrenaline pumping holidays round the world that cater for everyone- from the hardened adrenaline junkie who’ll do anything given the chance to the curious novice who has always dreamt of doing that bungee jump. Whichever you are, here are a few suggestions to get your heart racing…

hot-air ballon ride, luxor

hot-air ballon ride, Luxor, Egypt


Wildlife Safari

Venture into the heart of Africa to witness fearless lions, yelping zebras and lumbering elephants in their exposed habitats, or get lost in the thick of the Borneo jungle and behold the sight of red-faced Proboscis monkeys, swinging orangutans or, with a bit of luck, the ever-elusive clouded leopard. Tours don’t come cheaply, but the experience gained is just priceless.


Everest Base Camp

The renowned base camp sits at 17,500ft above sea level and offers brave climbers the unique chance to see the jagged and soaring peaks of the world’s highest mountain up close. Organized treks explore the spectacular surrounding scenery and dive into the heart of Sherpa culture to offer trekkers a deeply humbling and breathtaking (literally!) experience. This is about as physically exerting (and expensive) as it gets so make sure you’re in good shape.


White Water Rafting 

Perhaps one of the most economic of adrenaline pumping activities, this extreme sport can be partaken in all over the world. The best routes tend to be in the US or Canada but Europe also has an abundance of choices; Croatia, Italy and Sweden are particularly recommendable. In Sweden, Explore! even offer guests the chance to actually build their own timber raft before doing battle with the waves!


Gorilla Watching 

Physically tame in comparison to many of the other activities suggested here, though just as rewarding in terms of satisfaction and pure exultation; watching them in their natural habitat is simply an incomparable experience. That there are, sickeningly, so few left on the planet makes this even more special. Uganda, Rwanda, Congo and Gabon are generally the countries where you are most likely to catch a glimpse of some.


Skydiving, Hot Air Ballooning & Bungee Jumping

They are quite possibly the most lusted after and easily done adrenaline sports on the bucket list, and there’s an opportunity to tick them off just about anywhere you go these days. However, for the ultimate experience, look no further than; hot air ballooning in Luxor, Egypt; Interlaken, Switzerland; Sydney, Australia; Narib Desert, Namibia and Hawaii for Skydiving, and Victoria Falls, Zambia; Verzasca Dam, Switzerland; Perrine Bridge, Idaho or Bhote Kosi Nepal for Bungee jumping. Whilst Egypt may be a surprise on the list, Egypt holidays can offer something for absolutely everything.


Hiking in Canada 

Canada is home to some of the world’s most stunning and wildlife abundant national parks; BC, Alberta and the Yukon territory being the top three. Merely taking photos of the countless epic landscapes might not get your blood boiling but the thought of coming face to face with one of the country’s many grizzly bears at any moment will! Be smart and take all the necessary precautions before you go, as any wrong moves could cost you a limb or two.


Kite Surfing 

Not all adrenaline sports have to be in costly and exotic destinations; kite surfing is a very popular sport in parts of Europe such as Greece and southern Spain. Similar to regular surfing but you’re tied to a kite and bound by the constantly changing direction of the wind. On a particularly blustery day you can get up to 30ft in height. It’s proper mental.


Cage Diving

Can it get any scarier? Imagine encountering the world’s deadliest predator, with only a few 3-inch thick metal bars standing between you and certain death! Cage diving with Great White Sharks is about as ballsy as it gets and is guaranteed to set the heart racing, no matter how experienced you are as an adrenaline junkie. Australia’s Great Barrier Reef and many more in South Africa offer great packages at reasonable prices- if you think you’re man enough!


Whichever option tickles your fancy, remember that this is only the tip of the adrenaline pumping iceberg- there are dozens upon dozens of adventure holidays out there waiting to be jumped on. Be spontaneous and just go for it- or risk never doing that bungee jump you’ve always dreamt of.



by Josh Taylor

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sky diving taupo nz


Living dangerously is the new swag and what better way to do it than sky diving. It may be only a few seconds of your life but it gives you a thrill that lasts a lifetime. What even makes it more memorable is the location where you do it (aside from maybe your parachute taking longer than necessary to open!). The make or break of a skydiving experience is the view and here are a few places that can earn you that bad ass trophy in skydiving:

sky diving taupo nz

Taupo, New Zealand

This is no doubt the king of the skydiving jungle. With over 30,000 people flocking here every summer for the few seconds of pure terror, this is a must go place for every aspiring skydiver who is staying in Rotorua for a vacation. Apart from being competitively priced, there are a lot of professional companies with jumping offers leaving you spoilt for choice. The skydive Taupo for instance offers an unforgettable experience when you book a jump at their jump zone. What with a limousine escort from the airport and so much more.


Mt Everest, Nepal

The thrill of skydiving is in the heights and what better place to do it than from the top of a mountain. With only four trips in a year and having to pay at least $1000 dollars six months in advance and about $ 14,000 three months to the take off, the trip might be costly but the experience can be compared to none. Can you imagine being 29000 ft high up in the sky? You will need to wear breathing apparatus before taking that fly of fame to land on the highest drop zone in the world.


Hawaii, USA

Every skydivers’ dream because the cost is quite low compared to others and the experience will still thrill you nonetheless. A student will easily part with as little as $250 meaning so every tom, dick and harry has a pretty good chance of bagging a bad ass pass here. With a chance to glaze at a whole island while in the air, you will be forgiven for thinking you are watching a 3D episode of lost.



This is a trip that will put fun in the desert and penny saver in the same sentence. For as little as $ 200-$300 for a 10,000 ft jump few places in the world can beat that deal. The most unique thing about the view from the sky is the beautiful scenery of not only caramel colored sand dunes but also a cool view of the cities and the wildlife.

Now make sure you play it safe, the last thing you want are some injury claims so sort out some insurance, Happy jumping!




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