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Things To Know Before Going On A Hiking Adventure

There are many steps that a person can take before going on a hiking adventure, and by following all of these tips, a person can ensure that their hike is particularly safe and enjoyable. The Area A person should know the area in which they are hiking. If a group is hiking in a large

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Traveling 101; Be Safe

“Learn from your mistakes” is a common refrain, but sometimes we need additional reminders. Here are some of the most common backpacker errors and oversights, and how to avoid them: Not researching Nothing is worse than getting off an overnight bus at 5:30 am with no idea where you are, where you’re going, or how

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Airport Parking – It Needn’t Be a Worry

A lot of people out there are very wary of using airport car parks when they are heading off on their flight. Maybe it is safety concerns, or pricing worries. However, airport car parks are safer, and cheaper, than you may think. Take Bristol airport parking for example. Bristol has some fantastic prices for parking,

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A bounty of Benalmadena activities

Benalmadena, situated in Spain on the Costa del Sol, is a great location for a summer holiday because it boasts so many different landmarks and attractions. Whether you enjoy history, modern day architecture, or even being active throughout your holiday, Benalmadena is a vacation to suit anyone. When booking with the efficient and affordable Co-op

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Australia’s Best Wine Regions

Australian wine is known as some of the very best wine, and for good reason. The wine industry is very important to Australia, via production, employment, tourism and export. In fact, Australia is the 4th biggest exporter of wine globally, with more than 750 million liters leaving the country each year. There are several wine regions in

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Have the holiday of a lifetime: take a family gap year

It is becoming more and more common for families to feel stuck in a rut, daily pressures are at an all-time high and the current economic situations mean people are looking for a way out. With this in mind families are increasingly choosing to take a family gap year. A family gap year is when

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Ibiza: The Holiday Choice of the PM

Ibiza may be renowned as being a mecca for clubbers and a top party destination, but that’s not all that this Balearic gem has to offer. Despite being a relatively small island, Ibiza is one of the most popular European destinations for thousands of Brits – even the Prime Minister.   If it’s good enough

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Magaluf: Attractions You Don’t Expect To Find

The Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean have a long-standing reputation for being the perfect holiday destination for all ages. It isn’t just British tourists who flock to the islands each year either; Spanish people from the mainland love the laidback lifestyle, wonderful scenery and great beaches as well. Majorca Majorca is the largest of the

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Ideas for a Family Holiday with a Difference

Whenever the opportunity arises, taking a break with the family is a great way to unwind and spend some time together. Booking a family holiday is a simple task, particularly with a wide range of packages available for families of all kinds. However, the best holidays are unique. Here, we take a look at several

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4 Reasons to Plan a Newquay Stag Weekend

Sun Packed Beaches The first reason to think about a Newquay stag weekend is the fact that the area is home to many long sunny beaches that are packed with cool people. What better place to celebrate a last few days of freedom than a packed beach with plenty of bikinis. Plus, surfing and sunbathing

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Family trips to Las Vegas

So many people have always wanted to visit Las Vegas however since they now have families with kids they feel that they can’t take their kids there. This is just not the case as Vegas is a great holiday destination for families of all ages. No longer is the whole city just about casinos and

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Family Fun in the UK Summer Sunshine

You might not immediately equate the UK with sunshine and summer activities, but when the clouds finally recede in the summer months, there is an absolute goldmine of activities to enjoy here. If you’re traveling with a family, the UK is a great place to base your holiday in summertime. For an unforgettable holiday, check

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Trekking in Canada

The second biggest country in the world, after Russia, Canada is a vast expanse of mountains, lakes, islands, forests and rivers. Major cities, such as Toronto and Vancouver are close to the border with the US, while Montreal and Edmonton are a little further north. Most people live within a couple of hundred miles from

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