A guide to Bangkok.

The city of Bangkok is located in Thailand. The city has many cultural attractions and is known for its canals, its festivals and its temples. Explore the temples. Wat Arun is located on the west bank of the Chao Phraya River. This temple is one of Bangkok’s most famous temples. This temple, the Temple of

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Be enchanted by Hawaii’s Islands

Hawaii has long been a traveler’s paradise and is one of the premier vacation destinations in the world. With clear turquoise waters, pristine sandy beaches, lush landscapes and breathtaking scenery, it’s easy to see why. Thousands of tourists, from honeymooners to nature enthusiasts, descend on this location annually and what better way to enjoy Hawaii’s

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Australia self-drive tours

There’s nothing like the open road, and what better way to see the never-ending expanse of Australia’s outback than to take to the wheel yourself.  Forget the hum-drum of being carted around as just another passenger on a tour bus, whilst paying through the nose. Take your holiday into your own hands! With so many

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The benefits of family ski chalets

Ski chalets were created when people tried to build accommodation in the Alps that was similar to an English country house. Chalets certainly are more fun than hotels, you can stay with your friends or family, you all live together, cook together, clean together and ski together. Ski chalets come in all sizes, they usually

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3 Things you should know before moving to Singapore

The majority of people relocate to Singapore because of work. Although people might be able to show you where Singapore is on the map they won’t however be able to give you a lot of detailed information about your new home country. Once you have finished packing up all your belongings and shipping them to

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Things to know before choosing a river cruise

River cruises are becoming more and more popular in Europe. Both young and old are now electing to go on a river cruise for their holiday, there are many more activities and facilities to entice more customers. Cruises are everywhere in the world, they offer different scenery and a relaxing way to see a country.

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Visit Shakespeare’s Birthplace

Take a merry stroll through Tudor England in Stratford-upon-Avon, birthplace of William Shakespeare. Cobbled streets are adorned with bright flower boxes on streets that meander around the river Avon. Experience the rich countryside setting once the inspiration for such classics as A Midsummer Nights’ Dream and As You Like It. Begin your journey through the

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Australia’s Top Cities to Visit on a Road Trip

The continent of Australia is immense with plenty of places to explore, making it a perfect place to take road trips. Travel from the big cities to the Outback and the mountains, all in one go! With planning and the willingness to strike out on your own, a tour of Australia via car will take

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How to spend a weekend in Valencia

If you’re heading to Spain for a long weekend, or checking into a vacation apartments in Valencia, then be sure to spend some time getting to know this scenic coastal city. How to spend a weekend in Valencia is entirely up to you – if you’re into art, architecture, food, sunbathing or shopping, it really has

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Plenty to see and do in Sorrento

The Italian coastal town of Sorrento has loads to offer visitors. Its stunning looks and abundance of culture and activities make this location ideal for breaks in the sun. It may not be one of the most well-known destinations in this Mediterranean country, but it is arguably one of the best. From its magnificent cliff

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5 Fantastic Ways to Enjoy Your Holidays in Morocco

Touring Morocco for many is both an exciting journey and a spiritual experience for many. Scaling the lofty Atlas Mountains, exploring charming cities, visiting grand Mosques, wandering through extensive golden sandy deserts and indulging in brilliant beaches is an experience that many live to remember. The history and culture is simply captivating; to get the

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Unique Places to Stay Around the World

  LOG CABINS IN THE COTSWOLDS The Cotswolds is one of the gems of the grand English Countryside with outstanding natural beauty and a great deal of homely accommodation. However, nothing beats staying in your very own rustic log cabin complete with hot tub. It is the perfect place to relax away from the bustling

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Play to Win a £500 Holiday in a New Travel Competition

If you’re like most people, you probably wouldn’t say no to free travel. Imagine someone handing you £500s to travel with as you pleased…It’s likely that you wouldn’t turn that down! Well that free holiday can become a reality with the new competition by Holiday Hypermarket. They’ve put a travel spin on the popular card

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Holiday in St. Ives

When it comes to taking a holiday within the UK, the only place that truly comes to mind is going out to St. Ives. There are endless adventures to take in this beautiful place. Everything from relaxation to adrenaline highs can be had here. Here are some of the best things you can do in

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