Australia’s Top Cities to Visit on a Road Trip

The continent of Australia is immense with plenty of places to explore, making it a perfect place to take road trips. Travel from the big cities to the Outback and the mountains, all in one go! With planning and the willingness to strike out on your own, a tour of Australia via car will take you to

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Plenty to see and do in Sorrento

The Italian coastal town of Sorrento has loads to offer visitors. Its stunning looks and abundance of culture and activities make this location ideal for breaks in the sun. It may not be one of the most well-known destinations in this Mediterranean country, but it is arguably one of the best.

From its magnificent cliff top position, Sorrento looks out across the water to Naples and Mt Vesuvius. As a beach destination, harbour hotspots like Marina Piccola and Marina Grande are popular for some shoreside tanning and for anyone who ventures a few minutes down the Amalfi coast, beaches like

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