River Cruises – Top ten tips for beginners

River cruising is a rapidly growing market. Whether you choose river cruises on the Danube or another part of Europe, you’re bound to have a great time. With more and more people choosing to cruise for their holiday we thought we’d put together a list of tips to help those joining a cruise for the

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Nicosia: Sunshine & History Under One Sky

Cyprus definitely holds something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a Paphos poolside break to lap up the rays, or an all-night party in Ayia Napa, you’ll find everything you’re looking for on this island. However, there’s more to the shimmering beaches than meets the eye. On the flipside is Nicosia with its rich culture

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kilimanjaro train

How to train for Kilimanjaro

I am currently preparing to reach the summit of the iconic Kilimanjaro. In a little over a month I will getting on the plane to start my journey to Tanzania and then on to the northern part to take on Mount Kilimanjaro. If you’re planning, like me, to conquer Kilimanjaro then you need to take

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Lake Tekapo new zealand

Why go off the Beaten Path for Your Next Adventure/ Vacation

When We Become Removed Exploration is an inherent part of human nature. Pioneering, the urge to discover the unknown, is harbored in all of us to some degree. It’s why the American continents were settled, despite enormous hardships, and sometimes, failure to thrive. It’s why we dive into the deepest parts of the ocean and

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Top free things to do in Paris

Paris – the city of love and home to world class art, world class wine and of course, world class food. There’s no denying that Paris is one of the Europe’s most expensive cities – and with so much culture, it’s expected. But fear not, if you want to visit Paris but are short of

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Exotic fashion for an exotic break

Are you going on an exotic holiday? This will probably mean heading out to lay on a beach for a week, sipping colourful cocktails and reading great novels in the sunshine. You could be sitting underneath palm trees listening to the waves crash on the shore as you take in the serenity of nature and

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Fez – The only place to stay in Marrakech

One of my favourite places to stay when I visit Marrakech is Fez. Fez has everything us tourists need to have  great time, it is such a popular tourist spot they have made sure that there is something there for any need. Not only are the local amenities fantastic but Fez hotels are probably some

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Get rewarded when you spend!

It’s so nice being able to go out and spend money knowing that you are going to get rewarded. It’s almost like you are getting a discount, this is because the rewards will be saving you money in the future! I love to travel so for me when I find a rewards programme that will

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3 Great Reasons to Holiday in Gran Canaria

We all love heading away on holiday to a sun soaked destination and relaxing for a week or more. Given the current weather in the United Kingdom, I really don’t think there has been a better time for everyone to get away. Gran Canaria holidays offer the perfect escape from our normal lives. It’s one

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Essential tips for a beach holiday

Everyone loves spending a week in the sun, lounging on a beach and forgetting all about the stresses of home is something that we all look forward to. The majority of people have spent time on the beach, whether that be at home or abroad. There’s never been a better time to get out of

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Tenerife: 3 reasons to book your ticket now!

Tenerife is one of my favourite places to visit in Europe, it’s just a short flight from the UK so it couldn’t be easier to escape the dreary weather and be sitting on a beach the same day. Knowing that I can book a ticket now and be on a beach with in a few

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How to make the most of a city break

For long term slow travellers, the idea of quick getaways and cheap city breaks can sound like a drop in the ocean – how can you possibly get a proper taste of a place in a few days? Professional traveller Paul Theroux had a theory that once you’ve been on the road for a while,

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Now You Have No Excuses not to Have a Good Time in Jozi

Okay, I guess the first thing we need to do is clear up exactly where Jozi is located. That’s actually a lot easier than it might sound. Jozi is just the local, popular contraction for Johannesburg, the capital of South Africa. As a result, as you can probably imagine, it isn’t that difficult to have

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