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Top free things to do in Paris

Paris – the city of love and home to world class art, world class wine and of course, world class food. There’s no denying that Paris is one of the Europe’s most expensive cities – and with so much culture, it’s expected. But fear not, if you want to visit Paris but are short of

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Lose Yourself in the Sights of Mumbai

Chaotic, colourful, and filled to the brim with diverse sights and sounds, there plenty of reasons to get lost in Mumbai. On a first-time visit, you won’t want to miss the city’s most famous sights, such as the Gateway of India monument or the regal museums of the Kala Ghoda Art District. From bazaars to

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Gap year work injuries explained  

Taking a gap year to work abroad can be one of the best experiences of your life. There’s nothing like going to a new country and learning how to build a life there, to teach you how to really be independent and responsible. Not to mention all the crazy cool experiences you can have working

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Exotic fashion for an exotic break

Are you going on an exotic holiday? This will probably mean heading out to lay on a beach for a week, sipping colourful cocktails and reading great novels in the sunshine. You could be sitting underneath palm trees listening to the waves crash on the shore as you take in the serenity of nature and

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Best Highlights From the European Poker Tour 2013

The European Poker Tour (EPT) has been growing each year since its inception in 2004. 2013 marked another successful year for the EPT and a great start to season number 10 with 3 big winners. Now that 2013 is coming to a close it’s time to take a look back at the incredible season that

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How to make the most of a city break

For long term slow travellers, the idea of quick getaways and cheap city breaks can sound like a drop in the ocean – how can you possibly get a proper taste of a place in a few days? Professional traveller Paul Theroux had a theory that once you’ve been on the road for a while,

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Would you like a celeb to join you on a cruise?!

Well, well, well. Cruises are all the rage and it’s easy to see why. If luxurious surroundings, top class food and amazing amenities don’t float your boat (see what we did there?) then we don’t know what will. However, you always run the risk of being stuck on a cruie with a less-than-lovely co-cruiser. Equally

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Reasons to take the challenge of walking the Camino trail

You may take one look at the challenge of walking for 780km across a large part of Spain, have a little chuckle and then dismiss it without even a second thought. However, you would be missing out on seeing some of the most beautiful sights that Spain has to offer if you decided not to

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Reasons to Include South Australia in Your Travel Plans

When you’ve got the distractions of the Australian east coast; the Great Barrier Reef; international cities like Melbourne and Sydney; the Outback of the Northern Territory and its centrepiece Uluru; the wilderness of Tasmania; and the incredible beaches of the west coast, it’s easy to leave South Australia off a travel itinerary that’s probably already

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Wellington: The Coolest Little Capital in the World.

When most people list the world’s capital cities, they start with iconic super cities like Paris, Tokyo and Rome. However, some of the most interesting and enjoyable capital cities are much smaller in size. Wellington is New Zealand’s capital city and it boasts the perfect combination of local culture, traditional landmarks and historical museums. Whether

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Everything You Need to Know About Cruises

Britannia, the newest innovation in the cruise holiday sector, is set to be unveiled in Southampton during spring 2015. This is not just another cruise ship – Britannia is the largest ship made for the British market to ever set sail. The giant vessel’s engine will generate 62,400k of power, equivalent to seventy challenger tanks.

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The Best Places for Winter Sun

Let’s face it, with the sun setting by 5pm, wet and windy mornings and a boss who doesn’t understand why you’re so fed up – escaping the winter weather sounds eminently better! Let’s imagine instead a situation where you’re deliberating over which sunglasses to wear, or which flavoured cocktail you fancy next. Winter doesn’t have

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Take a trip to follow the Ashes tour

For northern hemisphere sports fans who love the summer weather, what better excuse do you need than the forthcoming Ashes series as a great reason to head over to Australia this winter? Time’s running out to follow the whole series – it starts on 21 November. But if you could, you’d also be able to

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