What Are The Most Vital Items To Pack Before You Travel?

Taking off for an epic travel adventure is something that most people look forward to. The build up before you head off can be half the enjoyment. If you have decided that your are going to travel the world, then it can be one of the biggest and best decisions that you will ever make.

what to pack

Having all the necessary paperwork, injections and other documents in order before you leave is vital. So here’s a reminder of what to pack:

1. Backpack

You ain’t going to travel around the world with a suitcase(well most of you won’t be anyways), so you need to get yourself a good, comfortable backpack that will last you for the entire trip without fail. This is going to be your mobile home for the duration, so make sure it fits and that it doesn’t cause you any back pain. Get the smallest one possible that will hold everything you will need.

2. Passport

An obvious one, but you’d be surprised at the amount of people that arrive in the airport only to realise that they left their passport on their bed! Make sure you photocopy the relevant pages in it and keep them in various locations throughout your backpack and also email yourself a copy – just to be sure.

3. Drugs and medical supplies

It goes without saying that you should always carry safety supplies when travelling. More importantly, you should always take any prescriptions drugs that you need for your trip. Always have the required medical supplies on your person while travelling. The last thing you want to do is to become ill in some foreign country and not have the drugs you need on hand.

4. ATM/Credit Card

Most towns/cities in the world now have ATM machines so carrying virtual money is the best way. Make sure that your ATM will work in the countries you plan on visiting and also bring a credit card as back up.

5. Power converter

You will need one of these in order to charge your electrical devices. Again make sure that it converts the voltage correctly in whatever country you’re in.

6. Laptop/smartphone/tablet

Having a laptop isn’t essential, but it can enhance your travels knowing that you don’t have to find internet cafes all the time to do emails and skype friends and family.

7. An open mind

Yes, keep an open mind as you travel to new cultures. Always remember that you need to adapt to the country you’re visiting – not the other way around.

PureSafety is a great option to pick up some safety essentials for your trip around the world.

Remember that having a good attitude and respecting locals is the key to having a wonderful adventure. Otherwise, you’re not going to enjoy yourself to the max!