Tourist Hot Spots To Visit In Canada

Canada has so much to offer anyone who visits the country and it is a great place to explore. I especially love to hire a car in Canada and hiring a car is worthwhile for exploring this vast place. Here are some great places you can visit by simply jumping in your car and driving:


1. Niagara Falls

These falls are one of the most spectacular waterfalls on the earth – if not the most spectacular! During the summer season firework displays light up the sky above it. The falls offer pristine gold course, fine dining, vineyards and well as treks and trails for you to enjoy. Easily one of the top must see attractions in Canada.

2. Canadian Rocky Mountains

The rocky mountains are home to the most breath taking views in Canada. They are found in the Alberta region, and are surrounded by lakes and some of the best hiking and skiing spots on the planet. Famous parks like the Jasper national and Banff national park make the area a popular year round destination for tourists of all tastes.

3. Bay Of Fundy

This is located between the Brunswick province and Nova Scotia. Some of the highest tides in the world have been reported here. Exotic species of dolphins, fish, whales and seals can all be spotted here as well. The bay itself is rumoured to have over 100 billion tons of water in it!

4. Montreal 

The city of Montreal is world famous. It is the second biggest city in Canada, and French is it’s official language. But don’t think you won’t be able to converse with locals if you don’t speak French, there’s plenty of English speakers to go around. A vibrant nightlife is present all over the city, and it is a well known party-goer hotspot. Many people come here from the States on air Canada flights for extended weekend breaks.

5. Toronto

Toronto is the biggest city in Canada and is also the capital of Ontario. It is similar in many ways to Montreal, with a huge diverse range of activities and attractions within it. A trip to the hockey hall of fame is must do while there. The museum is dedicated to the history of the game and exhibits teams, records, players and other memorabilia.

6. Old Quebec City

Old Quebec actually refers to the old part of the city – “within the walls”. A walled fortress can be seen in the upper part of the town. Here, the Governor’s mansion along with other rich peoples homes can be seen. Driving motorcycles is not allowed anywhere in Old Quebec, which is a little big disappointing really. Residents and workers who have a special pass are only allowed to use them.  In the winter, the winter carnival festival takes place and has a load of different activities for the whole family to enjoy.