Tips For Trekking In Nepal

Nepal is one of the best places in the world for trekking. I have been there on many occasions and it has never failed to deliver an amazing experience. My recent trek was on the Manaslu Circuit Trek which was out of this world!

Before any holiday you need to be fully prepared especially when you go trekking. Here are my top tips for trekking in Nepal – if you follow these tips you will get off to a great start.

Your Health

This has to be you number one priority when you go trekking. Having knowledge goes a long way, so to have the most enjoyable trip possible you need to be 100% prepared. I recommend going to see your doctor a few months before your departure date. They will be able to give you all the info you need about vaccinations that you might need. Whenever you go to a new country you will usually have some problems with food or water which can lead to stomach issues. If you are feeling sick you need ensure you stay hydrated and eat also. Bring some snacks along with you to carry in your pack.

Altitude Education

The Himalayas are a thing of real beauty but don’t get caught up in your stunning surroundings and don’t forget to make high altitude safety a key priority. Do some research before you fly to educate yourself about the altitude and some of the dangers it can present. Being prepared means you won’t be overwhelmed and shocked by what you experience in Nepal. Doing my research before the Upper Mustang Trek helped me out no end. There will always come a time when you’re at a high altitude where you have to acclimatise to the thinner air. There honestly isn’t anyway to tell how your body is going to react – so the best thing to do is take your time,

Understand The Culture

Nepal has various religions, the largest are Buddhism and Hinduism. These beliefs add so much beauty to the country with the colours and symbolism you will see on your trek. The best thing to do is learn a little about the culture before you go – you will of course learn a lot from your guides but reading a little one evening will help you have a head start.