The Top 6 Fishing Spots in New Zealand

You came to New Zealand in an airplane or a boat, so how are you going to get around to fish? You can find a Europcar depot all over New Zealand. Rent a car and get out to the best lakes and rivers there are. The beautiful weather of this country lends itself to year-round fishing, so no matter what time of year it is, make sure to pack your fishing rods and poles.
First, here are the top three fishing spots on the South Island.

Lake Wakatipu

Lake Wakatipu is the third largest lake in New Zealand, and also one of the most well-known. It is 80 kilometres long and has depths of over 300 metres.

Lake Wakatipu is shaped like a lightning bolt with the Dart River flowing out of its northern end. The odd shape of this lake causes the water to rise and fall 10 centimetres every half hour. You can go trout fishing on Lake Wakatipu year round. The best places to fish are at the mouths of the Greenstone and Lochy Rivers.

Aparima River

The Aparima River is one of the large rivers of New Zealand. There is good fishing available at its estuary. Roads parallel the river for most of its length and make it easily accessible by car or foot.

The Aparima River is so well known for fishing that angler access points are posted along the roads. There is a good stock of brown trout in this river and you can use any method you want to try to get those trout. Most fishermen on the Aparima choose fly fishing.

Takaka Catchment

TheTakaka catchment includes the Anatoki and Waingoro Rivers that feed into the Takaka River. The Takaka River is home to Te Waikoropupu Springs, which are the largest freshwater springs in all of New Zealand.

The unusual flow patterns of the Takaka Catchment are caused by an upstream power station and an underground water flow. The Cobb Reservoir is in the headwaters and it is there where you will find a lot of small rainbow trout and a few brown trout as well.

Next up is the top three fishing venues on the North Island.

Rotorua Lakes

The Rotorua Lakes area offers trout fishing for every skill level. Rainbow trout are the most frequently caught fish in these lakes, but there are also brown, brook and tiger trout caught here.

All of the lakes in the Rotorua Lakes district are accessible by car. The major fishing lakes include the Rotorua, Rotoiti, Tarawera, Okataina and Rotoma.

Lake Manuwai

Lake Manuwai is found a few kilometres north of Waipapa. It is actually a man-made irrigation dam that was made to irrigate the Kerikeri horticultural belt. There is a foot track for access from the left hand area of the reservoir. This comes off the Sandy Road entrance.

Off the Onekura Road is another walking track that leads down to the water. This track is about 80 metres long. The reservoir is stocked with 400 to 500 rainbow trout each year. Wet fly and bait fishing are normally the fishing methods of choice but dry fly fishing is sometimes optimal in the summer.

Waihou River System

TheWaihou River system is famous for its fishing. In fact, the 2008 28th annual World’s Fly Fishing Championship was held on the upper and middle reaches of the Waihou. The water is crystal clear in this river, making the fishing great but the fish are also easily spooked. Fly fishing is the most popular here because of the clear waters. There are large numbers of rainbow and brown trout here. The upper section of the river holds up to 700 fish per kilometre.

The headwaters of the river are usually fished by dry fly or nymphing. The middle and upper reaches have such a huge population of fish that there are no limits there for fish under 30 ms.

Now with this handy list you can find good fishing no matter where you are. Choose your car and get started on your New Zealand fishing adventure. For more information on individual regions, check out the New Zealand Fish and Game website.