The Christian’s Travel Plans: Going to Israel

There are certain trips you will take in your life that will truly be meaningful. Some meaningful trips would include the first time you go someplace without your parents, moving to college, and special moments like your honeymoon. But for Christians a truly memorable trip would be getting the chance to travel to Israel.

religious jerusalem

There are a number of tours you could take but you while you are there you want to make sure that you don’t miss some important sites. Heading to Nazareth, the birthplace of Christ should certainly be top on your list. While you are there be sure to check out Joseph’s workshop, Mary’s well, and the Church of Annunciation.


Jerusalem is another precious place to visit. Here you can head up to the Mt. of Olives, then to Mount Zion where the tomb of King David is, and then take time visiting the Room of the Last Supper where Jesus met with his disciples the night before he began his journey to the crucifixion.


Visiting the Dead Sea is also a popular thing to do in Israel. If you go at the right times you can actually have an opportunity to go into the waters and experience the rare treat for yourself. While you are in that area you could visit Masada where you can even take cable cars to see areas of Herod’s Palace for yourself.


Mt. Nebo is where Moses was able to view the Promised Land. And up at Tabgha you could visit the site where Jesus performed the miracle of multiplying the fishes and the loaves of bread. Once you are in that area you can travel nearby to the remains of the 2nd century synagogue and then on to where Jesus delivered the Sermon on the Mount at the Mount of the Beatitudes.


You can also take boat rides and travel across the Sea of Galilee. This sea is tremendously significant to the life of Christ because much of his ministry was done along the shorelines of the sea. Many of his miracles, as well as more than half of his parables were done here by the waters.


The River Jordan is infamous for the place where Christ himself was baptized. One of the gifts of visiting this site is that you too can have the opportunity to be baptized in the same waters. The area had been closed for a long time due to local mining. But it more recently was opened to the public and has become a treasured stop along Christian and other tourists’ trips.


If you go just south of Jerusalem you can visit an area called Genesis Land where you can see sites and explore what is was like in actual biblical times. It is in the Judean desert and there are people who dress up and take on the characters of Abraham and Ezra. You also get invited to travel on camelback to Abraham’s tent home where you can enjoy dried fruits, as well as pita bread being made right there at the tent site fire.


Before you go on your trip to Israel take the time do some studying to truly understand the sites of trip and their significance to you as a Christian. One great option would be to take some classes online about Christian and Biblical history, and something like this would be perfect for individuals working on seminary degrees  The realization of it is this will be a trip of a lifetime and you should be encouraged to make the most of it while you have the opportunity.