Tenerife: 3 reasons to book your ticket now!

Tenerife is one of my favourite places to visit in Europe, it’s just a short flight from the UK so it couldn’t be easier to escape the dreary weather and be sitting on a beach the same day. Knowing that I can book a ticket now and be on a beach with in a few hours makes me fell very lucky indeed, it also makes me think that we should all be taking advantage of how lucky we are. Tenerife Tourism is continuing to grow and it is now wonder why, with the beaches, the weather and the great activities, it is the perfect place for your next holiday. I’m sure you don’t need much persuasion to book your ticket to Tenerife, but just incase you do here are 5 things that you will love when you go.


The Hiking

If you enjoy being active when you go on holiday then Tenerife is perfect. The bonus for people that walk means that you burn off some calories and build up a big appetite so you can indulge in all of the amazing food that is on offer. There are some great hiking trails with varying difficulty to suit everyone.

You’re safe

One of the best things about Tenerife is that it is completely safe and sound. Whilst it may not be the most advanced destination that you will visit, it is one of the safest places that you will go to. Knowing that your holiday destination is safe allows you to relax and enjoy your holiday. We go on holiday to chill out and forget about all our stresses, so you don’t want to go somewhere where you have to keep thinking about your safety, the safety of your group and also your belongings.

A great family destination

When you are looking for a place that you and your kids will love it can sometimes prove tricky, that is certainly not the case in Tenerife. It is the ultimate family holiday destination, so if you want to please your kids take them here. There are the great family orientated beaches and also the amazing water parks for you to enjoy, kids absolutely love spending a day sliding along in rubber rings. Then there are also the shows you can watch, take them to one of the amazing dolphin shows if you can, you will definitely be thanked by your children and they will want to go back time and time again!