Switzerland or Thailand for Your Next Adventure?

Switzerland and Thailand may not have a lot in common, but when it comes to adventure holiday destinations, they’re both near the top of the list. Switzerland’s rugged mountainous landscape make it perfect for canyoning, paragliding and white water rafting. Crossing thousands of miles into Thailand’s jungles, adventurers have the opportunity to everything from caving to bamboo rafting and trekking.

Zermatt skiing
In the winter, tourists from around the world flock to Switzerland to ski and snowboard. However, the spring and summer are also excellent times of the year to visit its scenic slopes, great lakes and stay in stunning Swiss accommodation. Outdoor activities such as hiking and mountain biking can be done at countless locations across Switzerland, but for more adrenaline pumping excursions, it’s best to head to Interlaken. Centrally located, Interlaken is an easy train ride from Bern and Zurich and sits at the base of the mighty Jungfraujoch Mountain. From here, visitors can embark on paragliding trips over the stunning Swiss countryside. Typical trips last anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes and are led by professional, experienced pilots.

Closer to the ground, the town of Interlaken is close to several canyoning hotspots, the most popular of which is Saxeten Canyon. The canyon has a beautiful waterfall and the descent provides beginners with an excellent introduction to the sport. White water rafting in nearby Lütschine is another sure way to get your heart pumping in Switzerland, and also rewards participants with stunning views of Interlaken Valley.
Not to be outdone, tropical Thailand has its own set of adventures to offer daring tourists. Instead of crisp alpine meadows and lakes, Thailand has thick jungles carved by hills, mountains and snaking rivers. Like Switzerland, Thailand’s adventure excursions are mainly centred around the main tourist area – Chiang Mai. Unlike Interlaken, which is a rather small town, Chiang Mai is one of Northern Thailand’s largest cities and is well known for its tourist-friendly culture, great coffee shops and numerous budget accommodation options.

kissing elephants

Despite its size, Chiang Mai is situated right in the thick of a jungle. Trekking through the hills surrounding the city provides more than enough adventure for some, but if you’re looking for more excitement, there’s plenty to be had. Multi-day trips from Chiang Mai to the far reaches of Thailand’s northern border incorporate activities such as bamboo rafting, white water rafting and canyoning. Along the way, participants will also get opportunities to ride and look after elephants, as well as stay with local hill tribes. Excursions typically last anywhere from a few days to up to a week or more.

While Switzerland and Thailand may offer some of the same activities, they’re settings and landscapes couldn’t be farther apart. Thailand’s rural nature and exotic culture and a dash more excitement to its offerings, whereas Switzerland boasts practically no language barrier and more comfortable, familiar surroundings. Despite all their differences, one thing’s for sure: whichever of the two countries you choose for your next holiday, you’re destined to have an adventure of a lifetime.