Star Gazing in the Sharm Desert

Sharm El Sheikh is best known for its scuba diving opportunities, but as it has become such a popular tourist destination there are many other things to do as well.

Resorts are always on the look-out for exciting day trips to keep visitors entertained.  They are usually small sorties into the local culture, though of course they are especially tailored and often performed so not truly authentic.  But in some countries this is the easiest and often safest way to immerse yourself.


From Sharm El Sheikh you have opportunities to indulge in a number of Safaris – camel riding, horse riding, 6 x 6, dune Buggy, to see the coloured canyon, to Mount Sinai – the list is endless.  The one that caught our eye was the Star Gazing trip.


The Star Gazing Safari

Taking a camel into the desert to enjoy a Bedouin dinner and do some star gazing sounded just a little different.  And it was the star gazing that was the real temptation.

star gazing sharm desert

This tour collects you by coach and takes you into the desert where you meet your next mode of transport – a camel.  You ride to the Bedouin camp this way – think Sex and the City 2 although outrageous designer outfits are optional!  For those not so keen on camels there is an option to travel alongside in the coach.


Supper with a ‘nomadic tribe’

Once at the camp the Bedouins greet you and offer you dinner whilst your guide tells you more about the people.  You sit around a camp fire and watch the sunset.  Various reports confirm that the food is good with hand baked bread and a chance to chat to others on the trip as parties do not necessarily sit together.

Bedouin dinner in the desert

The entertainment

After supper there’s entertainment.  Belly dancing and music are two assured items on the itinerary but you might see fire-eating or other performances.  You also get the opportunity to share a shisha pipe if you wish to.


Star Gazing

Once the entertainment is over the real excitement begins.  The desert sky is dark and you can gaze at the stars through the giant digital telescopes provided.  The guides who are knowledgeable about the stars and the galaxy explain what you can see, pointing out recognisable stars.  They will also help you take photos on your camera or mobile phone too so that you have memories of what you’ve seen.  They have a great deal of knowledge about the night sky and are happy to pass the information on to visitors.

Riding the camels across the sharm desert

Coach collections start at 3.00p.m and the whole experience last 4 – 5 hours.  The cost for adults is roughly £35 ($55US) and for children £18 ($28US).  It’s definitely one of the best guided experiences on your holiday to Sharm El Sheikh.


Written by Leigh Cooke for Beat the Brochure