Scuba diving in Sharm el Sheikh

Sharm el Sheikh has been credited for giving the Red Sea an international reputation as one of the worlds best diving destinations, located on the Southern tip of Sinai peninsula in Egypt,  its city is situated between the Red Sea and Mount Sinai.
Let me help you take your diving gear and head out with a little glimpse of which dive sites suits your certification, but be warned you’ll be looking at booking Sharm El Sheik holidays immediately after reading!
Na'ama Bay scuba

Scuba diving in Na’ama Bay

3 Main Diving Regions in Sharm el Sheikh
1) Na’ama Bay
Developed in the early 80’s, this long sandy bay is now complete with seafronts that present a beautiful paved walkway lined with bougainvillea and oleander. This is where shops, restaurants and sheesha cafes can be found and the place to be in the evenings, it gets loud after midnight.
2) Ras Um Sid Cliff
Ras Um Sid Cliff is about five minutes from Sharm. This area links Na’ama bay and Sharm El Maya. Hotels in this region are located in the high cliffs, all of which have breath-taking views (and even more breath-taking prices).
3) Sharm El Maya
The area of Sharm El Maya has been recently developed and is the name of the old town of Sharm El Sheikh. Its sandy beach offers a profusion of palm trees. It is also surrounded by three well protected areas: the Ras Mohammed Natural Protected Park, the Nabq Protected Area and the St. Katherine National Park. The bay is a natural harbour and is the home port of many small boats.
Dive Sites
The Straits of Tiran have four great offshore reefs that can offer excellent diving conditions and are definitely a to-do on your list. This is where the Red Sea starts and the Gulf of Aqaba stops. This dive site is the opening to the Red Sea so strong currents can push in the reefs with steep drops so it requires good diving skills, so it’s not ideal for beginners. It is also best known for its diverse coral, abundant fish life and for its drift diving potential.
1) Ras Mohammed
Ras Mohammed is located anout 20km south of Sharm El Sheikh on a slim peninsula towards the southern tip of Sinai. The area of Ras Mohammed can only be accessed from resorts and liveaboard diving cruises. The Shark Reef and Yolanda Reef are surely the prize of Ras Mohammed, offering the opportunity to see every single species of fish in the Red Sea. The Anemome City is one of the most beautiful sites to see where you can get delightfully caught within the hustle and bustle of the underwater while all the anemone fish are living amongst it.
2) Sha’ab Mahmoud
There are five dive sites in Sha’ab Mahmoud, and they have a special highlight. Dunraven was a British steamer merchant ship on route from Bombay to Newcastle, it tragically sunk but now it lies 29 metres underwater here, offering amazing dives;  penetrate the wreck and feeling the thrill is something truly special.
Cheapest way to dive in the Red Sea
The cheapest way to go diving in the Red Sea is to go when there are promos, also don’t be shy about asking for discounts from the dive shops. It also helps if you bring your own equipment as they can charge you less for just paying for a tank. Unfortunately, diving is never really a cheap sport, so if you’re hooked on it, be prepared to part with your cash! Enjoy guys