Scandinavia and the Nordic region – Places you can’t miss out on!

Scandinavia is a gorgeous region in northern Europe, known for its rich culture and stunning landscapes. Countries that are part of this region include Demark and Norway – and these nations are home to some of my favourite cities in the world. When it comes to travelling around this part of the world, Finland is also often visited so, while usually considered part of the Nordic region rather than Scandinavia, this country will also be featured in this post.



Turning our attention back to the cities, many of these destinations share historical ties (they are, after all, part of the same region), which I think means it’s a good idea to tour several of them in one trip if you can.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the best cities to visit in Scandinavia.


The capital of Finland, Helsinki is a brilliant destination to head to if you’re keen to enjoy a good balance of things to see and do. As well as having an interesting history, the city is home to some impressive architecture (both historical and modern) and plenty of fun attractions, including a zoo and theme park.

But let’s go back to basics. Helsinki was founded back in 1550 to act as a competitor to Tallinn (the capital of Estonia) for the Baltic Sea Trade. It wasn’t always in its current geographical position, having been moved here in the 1660s thanks to sluggish growth. In modern times, it’s gained a reputation as a really friendly city in terms of both tourism and official business – lots of international forums are held here for this reason. If you’re on a holiday here you should definitely enjoy a Baltic cruise, it’s a must do in my opinion.

Among the most interesting facts about Helsinki is that it was named the World Design Capital in 2012, which should give you an inkling as to how impressive it looks. Some of the key things to look out for as you explore include the Olympic stadium, which hosted the Olympic Games back in 1952, Helsinki Cathedral and the National Museum of Finland. One of the things that most interests me, though, is the Temppeliaukuo Rock Church, which was forged out of solid rock.


Last up is Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. Like Helsinki, this city has a really good mix of attractions, including the famous theme park Tivoli Gardens and stunning palaces. What I really love about coming here, though, is having the chance to view the city from water.

You see, Copenhagen is built on islands and so is surrounded by water, as well as bridges connecting the isles. So, taking a boat trip while you’re here is something of a must! If you do so, make sure you keep your eyes peeled for the city’s iconic landmarks, which include the Christianborg Palace, the Opera House and The Little Mermaid statue.

The Little Mermaid is particularly worth seeing, since it is a real icon of the city. You’ll find it at Langelinje Pier; depicting the mermaid in Hans Christian Andersen’s famous fairytale, the statue is made from bronze and dates back to 1913. Crafted by sculptor Edvard Eriksen, this Little Mermaid was inspired by a contemporary ballerina who had played her, Ellen Price.