New Year, New Travels

New Year, New Travels! Every couple loves to have some quality me-time, traveling the world and exploring new horizons. The new year is here and it has brought in another opportunity to go traveling, rekindle your romance and celebrate life. In this article we will discussing about how you can make the most out of this year by experiencing maximum fun traveling together.

romantic cruise


Go on a Romantic Cruise: There’s nothing more romantic than sailing with your better half on a cruise ship. But most of the time cruise ships can be crowded with families and children on board. The solution? Take one of these romantic cruises and cruise the waters together…

1. Paul Gaugin of Raddison Seven Seas Cruises – This cruise is great for couples who want to enjoy the ocean without falling prey to cabin fever. Why? Because it includes a “sea level” water sports its rearmost part. So whether you want an ocean adventure where you learn to windsurf or enjoy the tropical lagoon in a kayak, it’s all possible here.

2. Silver Whisper of Silversea Cruises – If you ever wanted to ride on the waters of Italy, then this romantic cruise is for you. The ship is not only luxurious in its offerings, but elegant in its hospitality too. Couples can truly enjoy their time on it by indulging into amazing five-star cuisine or go get a Balinese massage in the most soothing atmosphere. 3. Crown Princess of Princess Cruises – Call it the “Love Boat” or anything that suits your romantic taste. This cruise makes it easy for couples to be romantic. Want to pop the question to your lover? You have multimedia proposal package ready to assist you and make it a lot more special. And if the answer’s a yes, then you get a unique, romantic dinner to make it memorable.

Fly Down to a Romantic Destination If you’re not in the mood to take a cruise, you can always fly down to one of these romantic destinations, have a good time being there with each other and doing things you both like…

#1: Paris, France – When it comes to romantic cities, Paris takes the cake. Right from strolling along the river Seine to having an amazing picnic time at the flowery 61-acre Luxembourg Garden – as a couple, you cannot miss out on this city.

#2: Venice, Italy – This city has an architecture that touches you while its mysterious passageways give you the perfect reason to hide from the world and enjoy your romance. Just try gliding together on one of its beautiful canals in a gondola, and you’ll feel love in the air. #3: Dubai, UAE – There’s not one, but many ways Dubai makes up to a great romantic destination. Whether it’s about enjoying the luxury of Dubai hotels or simply relishing the sunset at the famous Jumeirah Beach, you’ll love every moment of your stay here. Celebrating your relationship doesn’t need a time/place, but by choosing a romantic place and doing it the right way, can help you make this new year even more special.