Why I Like To Take A Private Car


I love taking a private car, it is just one of those finer details that is more than worth it. For me these small details can have a huge impact on my trip to a city and I would highly recommend it to anybody. Here are some reasons I like the convenience of taking a private car in Pittsburgh or other big city.

The car is for you

Unlike a taxi, where a whole group of other people are fighting to get the limited number of cars, the car is always waiting just for you and nobody else. It is just so much less stressful to take a private car, rather than fighting for a taxi or fighting for a place to sit on public transport. The comfort involved in this is just worth it and you can actually relax. So many people say to me that they need to relax in their hotel room after taking public transport and the reason is because the trip was just stressful. I never need to do this because I always take a private car.

You have more time

When you walk straight out of the airport you walk straight to the car and you don’t have to drowsily look around trying to find where to go or what to do, and this can be a huge issue after a very long flight. Therefore, you have so much more time to enjoy the city that you are in. This is a huge advantage when you are only spending a few days in a city (business trips or holidays in particular). Again this is just a much less stressful way to enjoy a city and get the most out of it.

The perks

I love the fact that my private car always arrives early and I end up at my destination early. I also have a lot of control over where we go, of course if you did this with a taxi it might be the taxi driver’s ticket to take advantage of you. I also enjoy the fact that private driver can tell me some amazing places to eat and drink, which just adds a little bit of extra flair to my trip. This just makes everything feel a little exclusive and really improves the overall experience for me.