Ice Magic—Sculpture Festival in Paris

From November 25th 2012 through January 15th 2013, the Ice Magic Sculpture Festival is in full swing. Held annually, Concord Square in Champs-Élysées becomes transformed into a Christmas Village, with the Ice Magic Festival as its main attraction, now tell me that’s not enough to get you searching for city breaks in Paris. Adults and children will be mystified and transported into a cool, crystal world. If in Paris over the winter holidays, make sure to add this to your itinerary.


These artists craft astoundingly intricate creations from ice. They are built with the use of large chunks of clear ice and snow flakes. Colorful lights are cast onto the sculptures, further bringing them to life yet paradoxically, freezing them in time. In the past, artists spanning from Canada, Finland, Lithuania, Austria, and France have sculpted 450 tons of ice in situ (on location) to recreate everything from exotic animals, historical figures, famous monuments, and well-known cultural icons. Gladiators, the Khazneh Petra, Angkor Wat, the Statue of Liberty, Mona Lisa, and the Great Wall of China are just a few examples of the wonders to be seen. Some of these sculptures are up to four meters high!


Make sure you bundle up before attending—in order to preserve the creations, they are displayed in a thermally insulated, frosty environment of -6°C (21°F). While braving the cold temperatures, more appreciation is gained for these artists who work in these chilling conditions while producing these spectacles.


At the end of the world famous event, esteemed panelists give out an award for the best artist in show as well as viewer’s favorite. But the fun doesn’t end with admiring the sculptures. Several events are held; from free magic shows and an individual speed carving competition. For children, the Little Chippers Festival teaches the technique and science of ice carving—helping to inspire and produce the next generation of ice sculptors.