How to Spend a Weekend in Iceland

Iceland is a simply captivating destination, with its stunning landscapes, hot springs, plethora of outdoor activities and interesting culture. With a weekend to spend here, get ready to pack in the activities because there is so much to do!

blue lagoon Iceland

Blue Lagoon

Your Iceland holidays should begin the weekend by checking into your hotel in Reykjavik, the capital city. The historical center is easily seen by foot, so spend some time walking around to experience the fascinating culture, architecture and flavor of the city. The National Museum is a great way to learn about Iceland’s history and culture. Then for a bit of authentic refreshment, check out Reykjavik’s oldest coffee shop, Kaffi Mokka, where you can order hot waffles with jam and a mug of hot chocolate.


On Saturday, hop on a tour of the Golden Circle, which is a 300 km circular route encompassing many of Iceland’s famous landmarks. You can catch a tour bus from Reykjavik that will take you through the sites. You’ll see Geysir, the impressive geyser region with walking paths through the spewing jets and steaming vents. Gullfoss is Iceland’s largest waterfall and a spectacular sight with a 105-foot double-cascade of water. Finally, Thingvellir National Park is a massive geological rift between the European and North American tectonic plates, so here you’ll find incredible scenery such as Iceland’s biggest lake and gigantic cliffs.

Later, immerse yourself in a healing bath at the Blue Lagoon. The geothermal spa is the most widely visited attraction in Iceland for a reason: the warm frosty-blue pool set amidst a dramatic mountain-range landscape makes you feel almost like you’re in the Twilight Zone! It’s definitely an experience not to miss while you’re here.

In the evening, find a place to watch the Northern Lights. If you’re visiting from September to April, you may be lucky enough to catch front row seats to nature’s greatest light spectacle, because this is the best part of the world to see it.

Sunday morning, take a stroll through Iceland’s only flea market at Kolaportið down by the harbor, where you’ll find everything from trash to treasures. Then, hop on a whale watching tour to take advantage of all the sea life you can see in Iceland! You’ll have the chance to see everything from Orca to Humpback and Blue whales, dolphins and even seals and puffins if you’re lucky!


There are so many other great things to do if you have time, such as exploring glaciers and volcanoes, many other waterfalls, and even checking out the bumping nightlife in Reykjavik! The choices are endless; pick what you love to see and do and have an unforgettable weekend!