The working holiday visa is a common phenomenon especially for the many young people who have gained access to countries like Canada, Australia and the UK among others for a limited period of time via a working visa. Here are two facts that you didn’t know, the working holiday visa is also referred to as the tier 5 youth mobility scheme and it is now more lenient than ever before. Here’s how;

Initially, the working holiday visa was limited to a very short period however, with the new visa, you can stay for up to two years provided you are between the ages of 18 and 30, and no dependent is traveling with you. For you to qualify you must have not travelled to the UK before with the same visa.

Another basic requirement is that you should have not less than 1,800 GBP in a bank account that is registered under your name. If you do not already have a job waiting for you, that’s okay. You are allowed to travel and get a job if and when you need it. The professions you can work in are not limited; provided you qualify for the job you can work in any profession you desire for up to two years.

The British High commission is known for the firm hand when it comes to reviewing the applications they receive. So it is quite easy for your application to be rejected if you put in incorrect information or make an omission while filling out the application form. If that happens, they simply turn you away without as much as a refund. To avoid this, do not shy away from seeking help from different agencies that specialize in visa application guidance.

They will be able to review your entire application and notify you if anything is wrong and also be able to give you insider tips. There are online assessment test you can take to verify whether you qualify to apply for the visa in the first place. The application review usually takes about three weeks and if your application is successful, then you will be able to head to the United Kingdom.

Once you qualify, you can then start looking into other important things such as health insurance, tax software, and where you will visit and where you will be staying while in the United Kingdom , if you are planning to stay longer say for a month or a year hotels and hostels would be expensive choices, I recommend to hire serviced apartments they are less expensive for more information on serviced apartments you can check Go Native they are the award winning provider of temporary housing solutions, operating across the UK..

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