Asia is one big place with the biggest portion of the world’s population. Now imagine going to Asia to meet those people, experience the mix of cultures, visit historic cities and temples, climb Mt. Everest, and surf the sand dunes near Dubai! The South is almost completely different from the east. You will probably spend a lifetime moving around Asia. But at least you could try.

You may have spent so much time planning to travel to Asia, thinking about the transport costs, how much a hostel costs and lots of other nagging questions. As an adventurer, you know how good it is to plan for a trip, or you could get stuck in the cold wondering how the hell you got there in the first place. What is worse is that you could get in trouble with the authorities. That does not have to happen.
Traveling to Asia is cheap. You have to fork out about 1000-1500 US dollars for a one way ticket to most of Asia’s destinations. With that, you will be on your way to see the world’s greatest adventure sites, hidden cities, mysterious temples, beautiful people, and night parties and so on. This will allow you to reserve a lovely hotel room in Dalat, Singapore and Bangkok on the weekends.

While you are in Asia, get to explore the hardly known life of the east. One popular route to backpack is South East Asia. It is ridiculously cheap, diverse, cultures, amazing scenery and a place to spend the night is easy to find. This place is undeniably the best place to visit and you could find yourself immersed into the myths surrounding the place. South Asia route starts from Bangkok, the beautiful beaches of Thailand all the way to the crazy jungles of Cambodia. Hostel are way cheap from as little as 2$ a night in some places and these prices hardly go beyond 10$ a night. Now, where on Earth would you find prices that low? Asia. If you can’t find a hostel find yourself a shared guest room and spend the night there.

Food in Asia is also not expensive. If you get to stay in a hostel you could got o the market and get some fresh farm produce and cook it for yourself (you don’t need to have a culinary arts degree) or eat at the stalls which are far cheaperor eat at the stalls which are far cheaper. If you a beer person buy local ones, it is never bad to try some new stuff and again western beer is far too expensive here. When travelling around the country, you should get a local bus or train and remember to ask the locals about the bus fares to avoid being conned so take that trip, visit this diverse region some time, really enjoying yourself and experience the unknown. On average, it could cost you about 1000 to 1500 US dollar a month to travel in Asia. Now that is cheap!

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