Five Sports to Do On Holiday

When on holiday many people like to simply relax, but after a couple of days enjoying the weather, and seeping in your surroundings, you may start to get a bit bored. It is at this point you might think about taking up a new sport. There are holidays of course, where you go specifically for the sport, skiing in Aspen for example, but here is a list of holiday destinations and the perfect sport to try while on vacation:

golf on holiday

1)     Snorkelling in Anegada, The British Virgin Islands – The coast of this low lying island is a grave yard for ships large and small. Many oblivious sailors were caught on the magnificent reef that surrounds it, leaving the island with its name, the Spanish for drowned. This rich maritime history coupled with the astonishing wild life and glorious coral reef make Anegada a prime snorkelling destination in the Caribbean.

2)     Surfing in Hanalei, Kauai, Hawaii – October to March are the best months to make your trip to the tropical island of Kauai if you are looking to experience some of the best swell. Hanalei sits on the north shore of the island and is a picturesque, idyllic settlement. The waves near the pier are the best for beginners but rest assured, there are some monsters out there and if the locals tell you to get out of the water, do not hesitate, there are some waves that should only be tackled by professionals, if at all!

3)     Golf in The Algarve, Portugal – For quite a while The Algarve has been synonymous with the sport of golf and even if you aren’t going there for a golfing trip, you may well be swept up in the excitement the sport brings to the area. If you do fancy an overview of some of the courses helps keen golfers and novices alike to find their perfect destination. Golfing holidays with are often fairly bespoke so if there are any members of your party who aren’t interested in the sport, there are generally a lot more things to do.

4)     Land Sailing in Camard, Ardvasar, The Isle of Skye – Take a Blokart out for a spin in the historic Scottish highlands. Any outdoor enthusiast will appreciate a sport that amalgamates wind surfing and go carting.

5)     Mountain Bike in Banff, Alberta, Canada – Banff National Park is world renowned for having some of the most varied and interesting mountain bike trails for all ages. There are about 190km of trail all in all and they range from easy to difficult making it a perfect destination for serious bikers or families with active children.