Exotic fashion for an exotic break

Are you going on an exotic holiday? This will probably mean heading out to lay on a beach for a week, sipping colourful cocktails and reading great novels in the sunshine. You could be sitting underneath palm trees listening to the waves crash on the shore as you take in the serenity of nature and the pure relaxation of your break away from regular life. An exotic location is at the top of many people’s dream holidays. It’s something that’s out of the ordinary and a true chance to relax and rejuvenate.

If you’re a fashionista, you really have a chance to make heads turn on an exotic holiday. Here is where you can show off the wild colours and new trends that really stand out. And the best part of an exotic holiday is that your colourful day wear can translate to colourful, vibrant nightwear as well. So wherever you’re going, bring your own unique style with you and you’ll appreciate your exotic holiday even more.

Where should you go?

If you’re looking for a great exotic holiday, there are so many choices; it all just depends on how far you want to venture from home, and what sort of vibe you’re seeking! If you head for the US, you can’t go wrong on the beaches of Florida or California. As an alternative, try Central America and enjoying the beaches of Costa Rica.

Or for a more European vibe, head to the Greek Islands or the South of France. The style and vibe at each exotic destination is unique, with some considerably more conservative than others. In places like the Thai islands, for example, you’ll find that the locals tend to respect their traditional culture and dress, while the tourists will wear anything and everything (or sometimes almost nothing at all!)

While planning your exotic holiday, you’ll want to consider the activities that interest you most. Do you want to focus solely on relaxation and beach chilling, catch up on reading and get a tan? Or are you more the adventurous type looking to get in some hiking and water sports on your trip? Do you want to go out and party at night? All of these things will factor into your ideal exotic destination, and many places can satisfy all of these needs: beach time, adventures and nightlife.

What should you wear?

If you’re into beach fashion, your exotic destination is a perfect place to try your new trends. There are some great new trends with swimsuits that will be fun to show off at the beach. Instead of baring it all, the new style is a fashionable one-piece swimsuit that shows off your graceful curves. And as always, colours that pop are trendy when it comes to beachwear. Find a gorgeous bikini in jewel tones and pair it with a beach dress and some sunglasses. You can find a beautiful sarong to match your swimwear and really make heads turn. Pick up some inexpensive swimsuits at one of the cheap lingerie stores and you can get them in lots of colours so you can wear something new every day. When it comes to nightlife, the look is beachy and fun. Find some great summer sundresses to wear out to the clubs and the beach parties to dance all night long.