Bag Yourself A Late Cruise Deal With These Top Tips

Somewhere out there right now on the internet is an amazing cruise deal waiting for you. Just last week I found a seven night cruise for just 300 pounds – that’s a ridiculous 75% off the amazing price. It’s easy to find a good late cruise deal or discount if you know how.

Here are 5 top tips from the pros that will help you all bag that cruise deal you’ve been looking for.

The Power Of Twitter

If you’re familiar with twitter then it’s a great place for you to look for those last minute deals. Just about every major agency or cruise company has a Twitter account these days. They will regularly tweet out about their latest deals.

Get The Deals Delivered

Nearly all of the major cruise line and agencies I can think of still use letters as a way to make sure their ships are full. So sign up to their newsletters and the deals will come to you – you’ll find that you receive lots of great offers, short sales and last minute bargains. One tip – if you don’t want your work or personal email loading up with all these offers then simply set up a new account just for cruise deals.

Make A Bundle

A lot of the big cruise lines will put together packages that consist of the airfare, accommodation, tours and everything else involved. Check out the packages with all the major cruise lines. When you bundle all the parts of your holiday up you will end up saving on your costs. I like the offers from the high end operators who will almost always have included the flight and hotel in the total price of your cruise.

Leave It To The Experts

Some of us simply don’t have time to trawl through twitter, do research online and organise a big group of friends to go on a cruise. That’s why travel agents are there, they are on hand to help us bag the bargain we’re looking for. Agents are always booking in bulk with cruise lines, this means that they will have access to discounts that we won’t find. Sometimes the cruise lines will give the best agents amazing deals that they’re not even allowed to put on their own website – so the top here is to see an agent regardless of the prices you find online. They might not be able to beat the price you have found but they can add little extras on to your package that will end up saving you money.

Plan Ahead

If you’re looking to travel during the peak season of cruising then last minute deals can be a little tricky to hunt down – some dates and cruise destinations are very popular. The busiest times will be during the summer months and also school holidays, that’s because this is when the bigger cabins are in huge demand. If you’re looking at that dream christmas cruise to all the markets? Well, unless you’ve booked months or maybe even a year in advance you have no chance at all. So to bag the deals here you need to get in early, all the top cruise lines will have the best prices for their most popular cruises very early indeed. Some of them have crazy discounts if you book early within a certain time period – I saw one last year which saved my wife and I over 1,000 pounds per head!