A Travelers Guide to Visiting South America

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When most people think of South America, images of majestic mountain ranges, the mysterious rainforests of the Amazon and Latin American delights come to mind. South America’s rich culture spans centuries and is still present today.

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Surrounded by the Pacific, Caribbean and Atlantic Oceans, the continent is comprised of 13 countries and various islands. Brazil sits in the east and is host to many cultural extravaganzas, including the ever-popular Carnival of Rio Janeiro. The carnival brings everyone together with its bright costumes, festivities and dances every year.

In the great lands of Argentina, you have the chance to explore the provinces of Buenos Aires. Buenos Aires is broken into over 40 different districts called barrios. Within the barrios are shops, unique architecture and theaters. If you are an active traveler, check out the exciting helicopter rides, horseback riding tours and other types of tourist attractions.

Located west of Argentina is Chile. Comprised of the hottest desert in the world (the Atacama) and hilly wine country, Chile is a lovely destination for mountain bike riding or wine tours. Santiago is Chile’s capital and a great place to explore history museums, performance arts and authentic Latin cuisine. A fine selection of jazz venues, walking tours of the city and plenty of markets for shopping complete the experience.

The Amazon River and rainforests borders eight countries in South America, including Ecuador and Peru. The Amazon’s tropical landscapes are home to thousands of wild life, bird species and plants. The best way to see this expansive region of natural terrain is by tour guide. Tours of the Amazon Basin and the life within it are found all over South America. Most tours last for days, while others can be week-long adventures.

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The Falkland Islands are located in the South Atlantic, near Argentina’s tip. Comprised of hundreds of small islands and two large inhabited ones, the Falklands tend to draw you in as soon as you arrive. The islands are ripe with fauna, aquatic life and varied terrain.

South America’s many countries offer a pleasant respite any time of the year. From the hot terrain of the Atacama Desert to the high peaks of the Andes, your travelers guide to visiting South America brings you closer to Latin American culture.