5 weird and wonderful places to explore in Canada

Romantic weekends away are ideal for exploration and, of course, some quiet time with one another. One wrong turn onto the tourist track though and you’re stuck in endless queues, eating over-priced food and not getting the most out of your time away. On your next vacation, forget about the Rockies and the CN Tower; visit some of the more obscure Canadian destinations. Be sure to have the camera ready for a few unique and memorable snaps for future family albums.

1. The world’s first UFO landing pad

Do you believe the truth is out there? Find a fellow stargazer at www.eharmony.ca and have your own close encounter on top the UFO landing pad in St. Paul, Alberta. Proudly boasting the title of world’s first, the pad was erected in 1967 as a handy parking space for extra terrestrials. Today, it serves as a town landmark and is a big hit with earthlings. For those of you who need more evidence of alien life, take a look at the UFO exhibit that’s also on site.

2. Hoodoos



For an amazing spectacle that’s a bit closer to home – but still out-of-this-world – visit the bizarre-looking hoodoos in Drumheller, Alberta. Standing at around seven meters tall, these unusual sandstone pillars have formed over millions of years. The hard stone ‘cap’ at the top protects the fragile sandstone as its sides are eroded, leaving the weird columns scattered around the landscape.

3. Signpost forest



The Signpost Forest is a much-loved attraction in Walston Lake. Back in 1942, Carl K. Lindley – a homesick U.S. Army G.I. – erected a sign while working on the Alaska Highway. It stated the how far away his hometown was and pointed the way. Others followed suit, creating a metallic forest of nostalgia and fond memories of home.

Why not add your own? Whether you two met via online dating in Kamloops or at a party in Vancouver, point the way back to home sweet home.

4. Dining in the dark

Taking ‘blind dates’ to a whole new level, the O.NOIR restaurants in Toronto and Montreal offer a rather different dining experience. Enjoy a romantic meal for two while in complete darkness. The theory is that without be able to see the food, your other senses such as smell and taste become much more sensitive. Detect the subtle flavors of your dish, prepared by tops chefs and served by visually impaired waiters.

5. Swim with a polar bear

In normal circumstances, it’s advisable to stay out of the way of bears. However, at the polar bear habitat in Cochrane, Ontario, you can get right up close and personal with these majestic animals. Separated by just two inches of shatterproof glass, experience the magical sensation of swimming with polar bears while being completely safe. That has to be worth skipping the tourist track for.