5 thing to do in Tasmania

Tasmania is an island full of surprises. It’s located 240km South of Australia separated by the Bass Strait. Tasmania has long kept its natural beauty and tourists are now turning their attention to this magnificent island for their vacation. With low airfares to get you here this island of inspiration surely won’t disappoint you.  Here are my top picks for things to do when visiting Tassie.

West Coast Wilderness Railway
In the late 19th century, Mt Lyell Mine railway was the original railway operating in this area and it has been restored to its original glory, the West Coast Wilderness Railway. This 22 mile route in the Tasmanian wilderness was once traveled by trains carrying copper from the mines of Queeenstown to the port of Strahan. You will pass by high trestle bridges over rivers with thick rainforests and have a quick stop at a restored original station. Refreshments are served on the train and in the Premier Carriage, you can get local wines, pastries and Tasmanian cheese with a great cabin service. This steam train will make your journey memorable.

Salamanca Place
Salamanca Place is the capital city of the Australian state of Tasmania, located in Sullivans Cove, along the waterfront in Hobart city. It is popular for its Saturday market with dozens of restaurants, pubs, galleries and craft shops to suit your budget. Historic Georgian buildings can be found on one side of Salamanca Place which were built around the 1830’s to house boats for the nearby waterfront. Regardless of the weather, this market is on every Saturday to cater you local produce.

Mount Wellington
Mount Wellington is referred to as ‘The Mountain’ by local residents of Hobart. This mountain is said to have the cleanest air in the world, a fresh rain forest with unique plants and animal species. This is one way to experience the best of the Tasmanian mountain. A trek in this mountain will give you breathtaking views, but remember to get a guide to show you the secrets of ‘The Mountain’.

Cradle Mountain-Lake and  St Clair National Park
Cradle-Mountain Lake and St Clair National Park was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Area with its own astounding beauty that is undisturbed by humans. The wildlife is abundant because of the ongoing conservation efforts to protect this area. Covering 21% of Tasmania’s land mass, this National Park has been considered to display an outstanding global example of natural and cultural significance of  untouched natural beauty with scenery like nothing else on the planet. This Natural Park is surely worth the visit.

Tasmanian Devil Conservation Park
Tasmanian Devil Conservation Park is on the the worlds best Tasmanian devil visitor center. Here you can come face to face with real Tasmanian devils and see devil feedings six times a day. You’ll also see some quolls, close cousins of the devil, eagles, owls, hawks, sociable kangaroos and other native animals. The Park’s other highlight is Kings of the Winds, Tasmania’s only free-flight bird show. You’ll experience spectacular high speed dive of a falcon, a coin-stealing parrot and meeting the fastest creature on the planet, the powerful peregrine. For sure, this show will entertain and make you laugh non-stop.