5 Cool Things to Do in Finland

Finland is a unique destination filled with wonderful nature sights and outdoor adventures! The “Land of a Thousand Lakes,” as it is known, undoubtedly has more than a thousand things to do- but here are 5 not to miss when you visit this beautiful country:

Lappeenranta, Finland

Cross-country Skiing- Finland can get so snowy in winter that often in some areas, cross-country skiing is the only way to get around! Luckily this is not a problem, as this is one of the most beautiful parts of the world to trek through snow-covered forests and mountains. You can go on an all-inclusive ski holiday or opt to rent skis on your own- either way, you’ll get to take in breathtaking scenery and experience a true Finnish sport.


Winter Adventure Holiday in Lapland- If your destination is Lapland, take yourself on a winter adventure holiday that includes so many great activities, plus flights, hotels and meals! You’ll go on a reindeer safari and husky sled ride, snowmobiling and visit a snow village- all led by a knowledgable guide who can show you an experience you’ll never forget.


Canoeing or Rafting- Whether you seek a tranquil float down the river or an exciting whitewater adventure, Finland’s many lakes and rivers provide a great way to explore the country with a paddle. Join a guided rafting journey, or rent kayaks or canoes to explore on your own. You can combine one of these journeys with dining or fishing, or just enjoy the water sport and scenery on its own!


Visit Helsinki- Finland’s capital is a unique blend of nature and city, with abundant forests and water, historic architecture, museums, shopping and nightlife. Visit the churches to get a bit of culture, and even check out the beaches if you’re there in summertime.


Icefishing- If you want to take part in a true Finnish sport, try your (gloved) hand at icefishing- thousands of Finns people drill holes in the ice each winter (usually with a bottle of Finnish vodka nearby to help with the extreme chills!) Early and late season are best, as the lakes have athin coat of ice and the fish are quite active. If the cold’s not your thing, you can always go fishing in the summertime in beautiful Lakeland.