4 Ways a Campervan is Better than Other Transport

New Zealand may look like a small country to travel around, but even after a whole year of driving, you would be doing well to have seen all that New Zealand has to offer.


It is approx 2050 km long and boasts some of the most scenic driving routes in the world. Stunning coastlines, transcendental lakes and iconic mountain passes, New Zealand will have your jaw drop on more occasions than anywhere else as you drive through the country.


Some tourists turn up expecting to see the whole country in just one or two weeks, and get a big realization that they could spend forever travelling around this spectacular country.


The itinerary you plan for your campervan rental holiday will depend on which parts of New Zealand you’d like to visit, and how much time you have. You can rent a car which will take you around the two islands, but then you would have to stay in hostels, hotels or buy a tent and camping gear.


1. Relaxation


There are few places on this planet with air as clean as New Zealand. When you get away from the cities you become submerged in a peaceful and tranquil paradise. With a camper you can take your time and relax in parks, beaches and park up in towns while having the ability to cook and hide away all at once.


2. You can cook in a Campervan


When you are driving along somewhere in the mystical land and find a beautiful, serene and heavenly place to cook up a quick lunch, you can! This is the beauty of campervans as they provide the means to turn an everyday picnic into a special dinner on th eside of the road. Quality campervans have cooking utensils build in and will provide you with an excellent mans to make delicious meals.


3. You can sleep comfortably in a Campervan


Although it is possible to sleep in a station-wagon car, or even uncomfortably in a normal 5 seater, a campervan provides you with a warm and comfortable bed to lay back in when you decide it is time to rest. Pull the curtains and you have a private oasis somewhere in Middle Earth to sleep wherever your heart desires.

NZ9 4. Save Money


When you travel in a campervan you save money on accommodation as you have a private room already and you are able to drop into a supermarket and pick up cheap grociers and put them in your on-board fridge to cook later. This saves on hotels and eating out (both of which can be expensive in New Zealand).