4 Reasons to Plan a Newquay Stag Weekend

Sun Packed Beaches

The first reason to think about a Newquay stag weekend is the fact that the area is home to many long sunny beaches that are packed with cool people. What better place to celebrate a last few days of freedom than a packed beach with plenty of bikinis. Plus, surfing and sunbathing is the perfect combination on just about any day of the week for most guys. Many of the beaches also have great bars which make them an automatic draw for stag parties that are looking to relax and have some fun under the sun.

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Adventure Sports

Those that really want to unwind will enjoy the many adventure sports that Newquay has to offer. From paintballing to go karting to quad biking you can find a sport that will thrill even the most advanced thrill seeker. In addition, those looking for a new challenge will want to try out coasteering, which is one of the newest thrill sports that is best described as a mixture of swimming, climbing, and cliff jumping, so it will certainly be an event that makes the weekend memorable.

Excellent Nightlife

In terms of somewhere to lay your head there is a vast selection of hotels Newquay can offer, but no matter where you choose to stay there are plenty of nightlife opportunities close by. Of course no stag weekend would be complete without a few drinks out on the town, and Newquay has a very vibrant downtown area and sports plenty of bars and restaurants. Whether you are starting or ending an evening the town has plenty to offer just about any stag party. Every season there are hundreds of stag parties held in the area so that many travelers cannot be wrong. Plus, with some of the finest seafood in the country you can make sure that you have a nice filling meal in your stomach before heading out.

Affordable Hotels

With all of these great activities stag parties will want to save their money; which is why it is important to find the best cheap hotels Newquay has to offer. The perfect option for any stag weekend is the Hotel Sunnyside which is conveniently located near downtown, and several beaches. Offering a wide array of budget hotel rooms, Newquay is the perfect option for stag parties that want some privacy without paying too much for decadence. After all, the decadence should be best saved for the last single night out on town and Newquay has plenty to offer.