3 Reasons Why You Need Luxury Travel

If you’re like me then you love the idea of laying in a hammock relaxing, forgetting about the hustle and bustle back home. (If you don’t like that idea then it must mean you’re doing exactly that right this moment…)

For many people, luxury travel to exotic destinations seems like a dream that may never happen. I used to think like that myself—after all, the idea of spending a lot of money on one holiday when you might be able to travel more than once can seem hard to justify. However, my experience with The Luxury Holiday Company made me wish I’d done it much sooner in my life. The fact of the matter is that there is a wealth of reasons why everyone should indulge themselves, spend a little more on their holiday and enjoy the true beauty of luxury travel.

With destinations from Laos to Botswana,, The Luxury Holiday Company works with high-end properties and excursion providers to build a custom, tailor-made trip. Of course I still love putting on my backpack from time to time and hitting the road, but nothing beats luxury! Here’s why:

The comfort is incredible

Travelling on a luxury boat through Halong Bay, private chauffeur pick-ups from the airport and 5-star accommodation might cost more than other holidays, but the comfort is unrivalled. Eating the tastiest food you’ve ever tried and sipping on exquisite cocktails only adds to the unforgettable experience.

It’s hassle free

I’m sure that nearly everyone has experienced the amount of hassle that can be involved on holiday and especially travel. Having to transfer flights, take care of your luggage and stressing about being at the gate on time might save you some money, but the hassle is all forgotten about on a luxury holiday, where your personal travel consultant is on call to iron out any wrinkles as they come up.  Everything will be organised for you, and there is certainly no need to be getting up at 3am, rushing around in the dark trying to find everything you need. With a luxury holiday company everything is planned to make it much more relaxing, and one of the signatures of The Luxury Holiday Company is that there will always be a driver there to take you to and from your UK airport – no parking to fuss about at all.

Holiday of a lifetime

This maybe should be top of the list because if you go on a luxury holiday it’s going to be one that lives in the memory forever. Exploring some of the most exotic places on the planet whilst enjoying fine dining and first class accommodation cannot be beaten.  If you really are looking for the holiday of a lifetime then luxury travel is the only thing to do.