Travelling with kids can always be a challenge especially if you start packing early. If the children are old enough to, let them pack and bring their own luggage. Packing light is not an option so come up with a list early enough so you don’t forget some stuff. Here is a must pack list when you are travelling with kids.


Children are unpredictable and more prone to illness and fevers so this should be on the top of your list. You can carry fever and pain relief medication and don’t forget the allergy and anti nausea medically especially if the kids are going to eat as they travel.

Snacks and juice boxes

Food is a must when travelling with kids but remember to give stomach filling foods while on the road because it tends to cause stomach upsets and nausea. Light snacks and juices are more suitable.

Toys, games and books

These will help keep the kids busy and entertained. However, avoid messy and noisy toys.

A change of clothes

They will be a life saver because kids can be messy and by the time you reach your destination, they will look like they haven’t showered in days.

Sun block/insect repellant

They will save your kids from sunburns and insect bites so remember to carry a bottle of both in your hand luggage.

Plastic bags

This wills serve as your dustbin while on the road. Kids can get dirt by spilling stuff on themselves or vomiting and you can use this as storage for the dirty clothes till to get to place where you can clean them.

Hand sanitizer

Unless you have a tap installed in your car, make sure you can this. To keep the stomach upsets and germs at bay, the children should sanitize their hands before putting anything into their mouths.

A goody bag

This is simply something to bribe your kids with. Make sure it is something they love otherwise it will not work. Travelling can sometimes be too much work for the kids but they will be less cranky with a chocolate in their mouth during the long wait at the airport.

Comfort items

These are things that will make the kids more comfortable. Stuff like blankets, pacifiers, stuffed animals and so on. Make sure they are not too big and end up being cumbersome.

A camera

What is a good trip anyway if you can’t save the memories? Everyone will have a good laugh when you get back home. The most fascinating photos will be the ones taken when the kids are caught offguard.

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